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Hawksley 1400 Veterinary Centrifuges

Dual Speed or Single Speed

(75mm microhaematocrit and 2ml microtubes)


The Hawksley Haematospin 1400 Centrifuges are built in the UK and are made from durable and high-quality components. These centrifuges are ideal for veterinary laboratories and practices specifically designed to produce reliable and accurate results on blood and urine.

One of the main features of this centrifuge is that it takes both 2ml microtubes and 75mm microhaematocrits. The classic design of these centrifuges is used worldwide with guaranteed support for all servicing and parts

Dual Speed Vetspin 1400 Centrifuge

Recognisable for its two-speed options this centrifuge is easy to operate and reliable for routine blood and urine analysis as it is dependable, versatile and robust.

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Technical Specifications

  • Speed: 11,800rpm with 24- place rotor
  • RCF: 14,000g with 24-place rotor
  • Acceleration: 0-11,800rpm in 60 seconds, with 24-place rotor
  • Brake: Automatic
  • Noise: 62dB running with 24-place rotor
  • Motor: High precision AC/DC series wound motor, brush gear, computer wound coil winding, balance armature and high speed bearings.
  • Timer: 0-15 minute timer, graduated in 1 minute increments. Automatic switch at zero
  • Weight: 5.1Kg net (without rotor)
  • Dimensions: 23.5cm height x 27cm diameter, footprint 16cm diameter
  • Construction: Aluminium casing with a steel lid
  • Finish: Body cream white baked enamel, with matt black baked enamel lid

Rotors for Hawksley 1400 Centrifuges

24 Place Microhaematocrit Rotor

This rotor is a balanced and perfectly concentric disc made of solid aluminium, anodised and silk screened giving it a high integrity and long life. It has a numbered of tube positions which enable routine sample identification.

Capacity: 24 capillary haematocrit tubes – 75mm long x 59µl at 14,000g
Construction: Machined, anodised and silk screened aluminium.

Combination Rotor

This rotor has a mixed capacity allowing both haematocrit capillaries and capped microtubes to be run at the same time. This gives the operator a choice of options to reduce the need for rotor changes.

The design is a modified version of the standard Haematocrit rotor above.

Capacity: 16 capillary haematocrit tubes – 75mm long x 59µl at 13,000g
16 micro chemistry tubes – 1.5/2ml vol., 11mm dia. x 40mm long at 13,000g

Construction: Machined, anodised and silk screened aluminium.

 Multi Combination Rotor

This rotor is a further variation of the 24 place and combination rotor and it is ideal for users with a wider variety of sample types to process. The rotor takes 16 standard 75mm capillaries, and several different sizes of microtubes, to accommodate screw cap lids and both 11 and 12mm diameter microtubes.

Capacity: 16 capillary haematocrit tubes – 75mm long x 59µl at 13,000g
12 micro chemistry tubes – 1.5ml vol., 11mm dia. x 40mm L at 13,00g
4 screw cap Vacutainers or similar, 12mm dia. x up to 60mm L at 13,000g

Construction: Machined, anodised and silk screened aluminium.

 8 Place Acetal (Fixed Angle) Rotors

A durable black acetal machined rotor which takes 8 micro chemistry tubes up to 2ml volume, with numbered tube positions for routine sample identification. The rotor inclines the samples at 30 degrees and runs at 16,000 rpm giving RCF 19,000g.

Capacity: 8 micro chemistry tubes – up to 2ml volume at 8,500g

Construction: Machined black acetal.

Hawksley Microhaematocrit Tube Reader

For microhaematocrit measurement

This Microhaematocrit Tube Reader is designed to give the client years of service, it is precision printed with an intuitive reader scale which will give fast, easy and accurate haematocrit measurements.

How to use the Reader

Position the tube in the slot within the acrylic slider. The Readers baseline must intersect base of the red cells.

Carefully move the tube holder slide, making sure the top line intersects top of the plasma.

Adjust the knob on the left hand side of the reader; this moves the line under the slider. Make sure that the middle line intersects the top of the red cells.

Read the percentage P.C.V on the scale located on the right of the tube reader.

We also offer a range of replaceable parts for your Hawksley Dual or Single speed centrifuge. Please contact the office on 01798 874567 for further details.

Download our Hawksley Centrifuge Product Information Sheet.

Hawksley Product Information



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Cat NoDescriptionPrice
1513Dual Speed Vetspin with Multi Combination Rotor
1500Single Speed (No Rotor)
1507Single Speed + 16 Place Combination Rotor
1506Single Speed + 24 Place Michromaemocrit Rotor
1505Single Speed + 8 Place Acetal Rotor
1508Hawksley Baffle Plate
1509Hawksley Rotor Lid
1557Hawksley Centrifuge Brushes (Groschop) £28.00 (ex VAT)
1512Hawksley Centrifuge Fuses ( 20mm x 2 fuses) £5.00 (ex VAT)