Professional Veterinary Biological Microscopes

Vetlab Supplies Premiere Range of Professional Microscopes

Vetlab Supplies’ range of Premiere Microscopes now offers you a pragmatic choice of quality instruments at competitive prices with features often found in more expensive brands.
Our microscopes have been carefully selected to cover the most common range of diagnostic procedures used in veterinary practices, commercial laboratories, educational establishments, and also those required by livestock owners, managers, farmers and breeders. In addition, most of our microscopes are supplied with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY, FREE CONSUMABLES & A 7-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF IT DOESN’T MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS  (UK Mainland Only)

Choosing Your Microscope

Factors influencing your choice of the microscope will mainly be determined by what type of procedure you want to perform and how frequently. Thereafter, you need to consider its features and price.

Your Procedures

First, it is important to decide what procedures you want to perform, how often you are likely to perform them and how long the periods of use will be. So, for example, if you just want to perform a few worm egg counts or skin scrapes a day or a week then our low-cost monocular Premiere 100 model would be ideal. However, if you are wanting to perform a range of procedures most days then our reliable, comfortable binocular Premiere 260 workhorse should be considered. On the other hand, if you are performing high-power microscopy every day and require crystal clear images with an ergonomically superior model that is easy and comfortable to use, then either our Premiere 1600 or Premiere 3000, both with Infinity Optical system and Plan objectives, would fit the bill.


You will find that our range of microscopes has a lot of specifications in common. Where they differ significantly is in size and the quality of the optics. Size and build design affect the comfort of using the microscope and the quality of the optics affects the operator’s viewing experience. Both these attributes affect the price so that is why the most expensive microscopes are larger and have Infinity Plan optics. With microscopes, you definitely get what you pay for, so try not to go just for the cheapest and remember ours also come with a 1 to 2-year guarantee (dependent on model)


We can provide a wide range of accessories that can make your microscope more pleasurable to use and/or enhance its uses. For example, we can offer eye-pieces which offer a wider field of view for the operator and they can also have rubber eye guards which some people who need to wear glasses often appreciate. In addition, we offer a range of objectives especially 60X magnification which offers the benefit of high power without the need for messy oil. Alternatively, we can offer eye-pieces with 16X magnification which can serve a similar purpose. Photographic attachments are also available and we recommend you telephone us for advice on this subject.

Free Technical Advice

If you require advice on which model to choose, or on any aspect of microscopy including photography or various laboratory techniques, please do not hesitate to telephone us at 01798 874567 where one of our team will be happy to help.


For more information on each microscope in the Premiere range, click the links below or give us a call at 01798 874567.  All our contact details are at the bottom of this page, and we’ll be only too pleased to help you make the right choice of what’s best for you. 


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