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UristainLooking For Sedi-Stain?

Try UriStain™

Finally Available In The UK!

UriStain™ is directly comparable to Sedi-Stain and comes in a 15ml dropper bottle and is used for the microscopic examination of urine sediment.

Now available exclusively from Vetlab Supplies Ltd at an unbelievable price!

CAT NO: 5194 – 15ml Bottle – Only…£49.95!

UriStain™ is manufactured in the United States by
Hardy Diagnostics a leading diagnostics manufacturer in microbiology.

UriStain™ is a urine sediment stain, intended for staining centrifuged urine sediment and used for the examination of WBCs, RBCs, bacteria, yeast and casts. The stain contains various dyes that aid in differentiating the abnormal cellular elements found in urine. UriStain™ is a ‘one solution’ modification of the Sternheimer and Malvin procedure which compares directly to the Sedi-Stain product.

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