VetSpin® Micro Microcentrifuge Range

The VetSpin Micro Microcentrifuge is a fantastic value benchtop centrifuge with interchangeable rotors for centrifuging both pcv and small volume samples.

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The VetSpin® Micro Mini Benchtop Centrifuge


The VetSpin® Micro is a low cost, mini benchtop centrifuge, incorporating a unique tool-free system of ‘clip-on’ interchangeable rotors designed for centrifuging small volumes of biological fluids.

Our VetSpin Micro is ideal for separating serum or plasma from blood cells in whole blood samples.
It performs microhaematocrit (packed cell volume) estimations on anticoagulated blood samples and prepares urine for sediment examinations.

A variety of screw capped plastic blood tubes can be accommodated from 0.5ml to 2ml in the 8 piece blood tube rotor as well standard microcentrifuge tubes up to 2ml and 12 x 40mm microhaematocrit capillary tubes in the separate microhaematocrit rotor


• Low cost-From Only £195.00
• Small footprint -Less than 17.5cm diameter
• Flexible- Separates both plasma/ serum and performs microhaematocrits
• Simple to use – No settings required. Simply load and run
• Fast- All procedures processed within 3 mins at 10,000rpm.

The ‘VetSpin® Micro’ Centrifuge is Perfect for veterinary practices

We recognise that most veterinary practice laboratories need a centrifuge capable of separating serum or plasma for important analyses either in-house or in an external laboratory as well as microhaematocrit analysis to detect anaemia. We also know the importance of a size, simplicity of use and low cost. Therefore, we are now pleased to offer our ‘VetSpin Micro’ and in various forms to suit your needs:


• VetSpin Micro unit with 8-place rotor for 2.0ml plastic screw capped tubes
• VetSpin Micro unit with 12-place rotors for 40mm microhaematocrit glass capillaries
• VetSpin Micro unit with both above rotors
VetSpin Micro Dual Offer -Discounted Time Saving Package: 1 x VetSpin Micro Unit with 8-place tube rotor PLUS 1 x VetSpin Micro with 12 Place Microhaematocrit rotor (See Below)

VetSpin Micro Dual Offer- Discounted Time Saving Package:

1 x VetSpin Micro with 8 Place Tube Rotor PLUS 1 x VetSpin Micro with 12 Place Microhaematocrit Rotor
ONLY £369.00

  • Saves Time Changing Rotors
  • Back Up Centrifuge Always Available
  • Prolongs the life of both centrifuges
  • Saves Money

Using the VetSpin Micro Centrifuge

‘Simply load and balance your blood tubes correctly, close the lid, set your timer and switch on!’
Machine starts automatically at 10,000rpm fixed speed. Set your countdown timer accordingly & when ready switch off to stop and press lid lock to open lid once rotor has stopped spinning.

Changing the Rotors

Rotors are changed by squeezing the rotor clips whilst simultaneously lifting off the rotor and then fitting the other rotor over the clip and on to the motor shaft – no tools required.
A complete User Manual is provided and we provide full technical support.

Please see the below video but please note that our new version now has 8 x Tube Holders



Our VetSpin Micro Centrifuges are supplied with:


To see our centrifuge consumables, follow this link

Product Information

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 155 x 168 x 118mm
  • Fixed Speed: 10,000 rpm
  • RCF: 5,610g
  • Power: AC 85-250V, 50/60HZ
  • Fuse: 0.5A, 250V
  • Sample Volume: 0.5ml to 2ml capped tubes and 40mm microhaematocrit tubes
  • Net Weight: 1.2Kg
  • CE Marked
  • Warranty: 12 Months warranty


VetSpin Micro Warranty Terms & Conditions

VetSpin Micro Warranty Terms & Conditions Overseas

  • Suggested Spinning Times (guidelines only)
  • Serum/Plasma 2 minutes minimum
  • Urine – 20 seconds maximum
  • Microhaematocrit – 3 minutes minimu


Balancing Your Centrifuge

How and Why to Balance Your Centrifuge

A reliable benchtop centrifuge is essential to many veterinary tests, diagnoses and sample handling procedures. Balancing your laboratory centrifuge before each and every operation is the simplest and most effective action you can take to prolong its life, performance, reliability and safety.

Why Balancing Your Laboratory Centrifuge Matters

However, these same g-forces also magnify any slight differences in the uneven distribution of weight around the rotor. Even a slight weight imbalance between samples will cause the centrifuge to vibrate, shake uncontrollably and, in extreme circumstances, even explode.

Running a high-speed centrifuge with an unevenly loaded rotor is the most common cause of centrifuges breaking down. Out of balance loading causes the moving parts to shake uncontrollably. At best, this means the motor and bearings wear out more quickly. At worst, it risks sudden and explosive failure of the motor or rotor, and serious injury to laboratory personnel.

How to Balance Your Centrifuge 

Click on the PDF below for a visual guide on how to balance your centrifuge 

How To Balance Your Centrifuge

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