The Vetlab SP150 Trinocular Microscope


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Plan Infinity and LED illumination

The Vetlab SP150 trinocular microscope is the latest addition to our range. We believe it represents the best value for money plan infinity trinocular microscope currently available. In addition, the microscope has a very modern design and is completed to a high standard with a two-tone paint finish. The stand also incorporates an integral carrying hand slot at the back of the stand for convenience.

Trinocular Head Microscope with Photography Tube

This trinocular head has excellent widefield x10 objectives and each eye-tube has dioptric and interpupillary adjustment. In addition, optional widefield x15 and x20 eyepieces are available.

Firstly, the trinocular photography tube has the ability to direct all the light to the binocular eye-tubes OR 80% to the camera with 20% to the eye-tubes so that the specimen can still be viewed when taking photographs and moreover, this also makes the SP150 ideal for teaching and classwork when used with a CCTV camera.

Five Quality Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives

Our SP150 microscope has five excellent quality infinity plan achromatic objectives x4, x10, x20, x40 and x100 (oil), finished in black and chrome. Furthermore, x25 and x60 Plan Infinity Objectives are also available as optional extras, giving the user a greater choice of magnification.

Large Mechanical Stage

A large mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls and a double positioning Vernier scale incorporates a spring-loaded slide holder. The focusing substage condenser has full lateral adjustment and an iris diaphragm with scale. In addition, the low position coarse and fine coaxial focus controls incorporate a user-defined focus safety stop and a tension adjuster.

Built-in LED Light Source with Field Diaphragm for Kohler Illumination

This microscope has a built-in LED light source which includes a Field Iris for Kohler Illumination. This gives fantastic clarity of image with even illumination of the whole sample, which is ideal for photomicrography. The LED unit is situated to the front of the stand and immediately beneath the Field Lens and Field Iris. In addition, the housing is held in place by magnetic clamps, which make cleaning and servicing fast and simple.

Full Range of Microscope Accessories

The SP150 trinocular microscope represents fantastic value for money and finally, there is a full range of accessories including:

  • Phase Contrast
  • Dark Field
  • CCTV, Photography and Measuring Adapters
  • x25 and x60 Plan Infinity Objectives
  • Widefield x15 and x20 eyepieces
  • Pilot Style Aluminium Carrying Case

Objective information

Objective  x4     N.A.  0.10
Objective  x10   N.A.  0.25
Objective  x20   N.A.  0.4
Objective  x40   N.A.  0.65
Objective  x100  N.A. 1.25

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Technical Specifications

Vetlab SP150 Plan Infinity LED Trinocular Microscope


  • Optical System: Infinity
  • Viewing Head: Trinocular (Seidentopf) fitted with Infinity tube lens. Inclined 30°, rotatable 360°.
  • Eyepiece: Widefield 10x/18mm eyepieces with dioptric and interpupillary adjustment.
  • Nosepiece: Quintuple
  • Objectives: Infinity Planachromatic DIN standard Objectives, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x (S), 100x (S)(O). Parfocal and mounted away from the operator (convenient for changing slides).
  • Focus Controls: Low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. Tension adjustment on the focus mechanism with user-defined Focus Safety Stop.
  • Stage: Large mechanical stage with coaxial drop-down controls and double positioning Vernier scale, spring-loaded slide holder.
  • Condenser: Full sub-stage Abbe condenser (N.A. 1.2), Iris Diaphragm with full lateral adjustment, filter carrier and full rack and pinion adjustment.
  • Light Source: Built-in LED light source, with Field Diaphragm for Kohler Illumination.
  • Included: User Manual, mains power lead, spare fuse.
  • Optional Extras:
  • 60x Plan Objective
  • Phase Contrast Set
  • Dark Field
  • CCTV, Measuring and
  • Photography Adapters
  • Pilot Style Carrying Case
  • Wooden Case

SP150 Information Sheet

Vetlab SP150 Trinocular Microscope


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