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Company History

Quality, Service and Expertise for You, Your Veterinary Practice And Veterinary Laboratory Underpinned by More Than 30 Years Real-World Experience.

“From our home in the West Sussex village of Pulborough, Vetlab Supplies Ltd exists solely to serve veterinary practices and laboratories throughout the UK and beyond with quality equipment, affordable consumables and reliable diagnostic test kits.” – Mike Fleming, CEO Vetlab Supplies Ltd.

The Vetlab Supplies Story

With an unparalleled reputation for service, Vetlab Supplies Ltd is the UK’s leading independent veterinary supply business serving diagnostic, teaching and research laboratories in associated disciplines as well as schools, colleges, universities and commercial facilities.

Vetlab’s outstanding record in serving veterinary labs and practices begins in 1967 with the return of Vetlab CEO, Mike Fleming C.Biol., M.I.Biol., S.R.M.L.S, from his Adelaide appointment with Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).

As a researcher for The Wellcome Veterinary Investigation Laboratory at Beckenham, and later in their Veterinary Research Station at Frant, Mike published a number of advanced veterinary papers on the growing problem of antibacterial resistance that now threatens both animals and humans.

In 1977 Mike was invited to set up a new commercial veterinary diagnostic lab called Vetdiagnostics from where he published further scientific papers including his work on contagious equine metritis and investigations into the incidence of campylobacter infection in dogs.

Three Decades of Progress and Innovation

From 1984 Mike began making his vet lab experience available to the wider veterinary world founding the independent veterinary testing laboratory, Vetlab Services, together with a sister company, Vetlab Supplies, specialising in veterinary laboratory equipment, diagnostics and consumables.

Both ventures proved so commercially and scientifically successful that, in 1995, when Mike purchased the ailing Greendale Laboratories from the official receiver, his business and technical expertise ensured not only the resurrection of the company, but also the continued employment of every one of Greendale’s staff.

With Greendale Laboratories and Vetlab Services on a sound commercial and technical footing, Mike withdrew from his involvement in day to day veterinary testing in 1997 to concentrate on serving practices and laboratories with quality laboratory equipment, reliable diagnostic test kits and affordable consumables.

Service and Expertise Underpinned by Science

Still very much a laboratory scientist at heart, Mike Fleming C.Biol., M.I.Biol., S.R.M.L.S maintains a highly respected reputation for his expertise in diagnostic laboratory techniques. His wealth of real-world experience underpins the selection of laboratory equipment, consumables and veterinary test kits that make up the Vetlab catalogue.

Mike’s choice of the Premiere Microscope range and Vetlab’s selection of Laboratory Centrifuges are all offered for their reliability, robustness and ease of use in any diagnostic, teaching or research facility, while Vetlab’s collection of Laboratory Consumables is curated for end to end value and affordability.

Proof of Mike’s established reputation for quality, expertise and service is the selection of Vetlab Supplies Ltd as sole UK distributor of MegaCor Diagnostik FASTest veterinary diagnostic kits. Relied on by vets worldwide for their speed, accuracy and ease of use, these test kits are exclusive to Vetlab Supplies Ltd in the UK.

Continued Commitment to the Veterinary Profession

Committed to trialling innovative new resources from suppliers worldwide, Mike Fleming and Vetlab Supplies Ltd continues to assure the present and future UK Veterinary Market – including you, your practice and laboratory of high quality, reliable veterinary laboratory equipment, dependable diagnostic test kits and affordable veterinary consumables delivered when and where you need.

To prove Vetlab’s service, knowledge and expertise for yourself, click on any of the links on this page, send us an email or give us a call. All our contact details are at the foot of this page. You’ll find us only too pleased to help you make the right choice of what’s best for you. That’s what we do.