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Blood Collection Tubes

Veterinary Blood Collection Tubes

Plastic Screw Top, Glass Screw Top, Plug Top and Push Top

We supply a wide range of non-evacuated plastic blood tubes which are ideal for veterinary practices sampling small animals using a syringe and needle. Our tubes cover the range 0.5ml to 5.0ml, have either a screw or push-on cap and are colour coded to indicate the presence or absence and type of anticoagulant enclosed.

Our Ranges

Our most popular blood collection  tubes are the ‘Vet-Tube®’ and our ‘Vetlab Range’ of 2ml (with 1.3ml or 1.1ml fill volume). Both brands of tube are made from tough, polypropylene and are fitted with a two-part leak proof screw cap, features which allow them to be safely centrifuged and/or posted to an external laboratory. Both of our ranges have unique veterinary I.D. labels for easy identification of both species and sample.  Our Vet-Tube® range is the recommended tube for StatSpin® centrifuges and is available direct from us or through your wholesaler.

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Plain and with Anticoagulant

These tubes are also available with and without a variety of different anticoagulants and colour coded accordingly. In addition, the Plain and Lithium Heparin tubes are available with and without Separation Gel.

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Separation Gel in Blood Collection Tubes

Separation gel is commonly used in some blood collection tubes where it forms a semi-permanent barrier between blood cells and the serum/plasma layer after centrifugation. This helps prevent re-mixing of the layers if transfer of the serum/plasma is delayed or the tube is accidentally knocked over after centrifuging. The gel barrier also allows the serum/ plasma layer to be simply poured off rather than pipetted. Tests can also be performed direct from the primary tube, without the need for transfer, in some cases. Another benefit is that the gel helps to prevent, or slow down, glycolysis and other unwanted effects that might occur if the serum/plasma is left in contact with the red cells for any length of time. However, it is important to understand that separation gel does not offer permanent separation benefits and, whenever possible, the serum/plasma layer should be transferred within a few hours of centrifugation. Centrifuged gel tubes should not be posted. The separation gel does not interfere with most routine clinical chemistry tests, although it may adversely affect certain drug/hormone assays.

Serum + Gel Tubes

From our Vet-Tube® Range

  • Vet-Tube® S Plain for Serum - Clear Top
  • Vet-Tube® SG Plain + Gel for Serum - Brown Top

From our Vetlab Range

  • Vetlab ZT Plain for Serum - White Top
  • Vetlab ZT Plain + Gel for Serum - Brown Top

These tubes have their internal surface treated with a coating of an inert clotting agent which encourages clot formation and retraction from the sides of the tube. After filling with blood these tubes should be kept in a warm, dark place (not a refrigerator) to encourage clot formation and maximum expression of serum, for at least 30mins – 1 hour. After this period, all tubes should be centrifuged, ideally at 10,000 r.p.m or more for at least 2 minutes, in order to separate the serum from the cellular fraction/clot. If a tube without separation gel is used, the serum should be immediately transferred (e.g. using a transfer pipette) to another plain tube in order to avoid undesirable in vitro effects such as haemolysis and glycolysis, and also possible re-mixing. Tubes with separation gel allow some delay before transfer of the serum/plasma layer.

Plasma + Gel Tubes

From the Vet-Tube® Range

  • Vet-Tube® P Lithium Heparin for Plasma - Orange Top
  • Vet-Tube® PG Lithium Heparin + Gel for Plasma - Green Top

From our Vetlab Range

  • Vetlab LH Lithium Heparin for Plasma - Orange Top
  • Vetlab LH + Lithium Heparin + Gel for Plasma - Orange Top
  • Lithium Heparin Plug Top - Orange Top
  • Lithium Heparin Push Top - Orange Top

These tubes contain Lithium Heparin anticoagulant and are available in 1.3ml (no-gel) and 1.1ml (gel) fill volumes. They are mainly used for clinical chemistry tests which are unaffected by Li. Heparin. Using these tubes the blood can be centrifuged immediately after its collection. If the gel version of tube is used the plasma can then be quickly poured off into a plain sample tube ready for testing, otherwise the plasma should be immediately pipetted off.


EDTA Tubes

From the Vet-Tube® Range

  • Vet-Tube® E  EDTA - Red Top

From the Vetlab Range

  • Vetlab KE EDTA - Pink Top
  • EDTA Push Top - Pink Top

Our Potassium EDTA tubes are ideal for collecting blood for haematology, cytology and fibrinogen testing on small animals. These tubes are not recommended for most clinical chemistry or immunological tests. They are available in 1.3ml fill volumes.

One significant feature of our Vet-Tubes is the use of liquid EDTA. This allows rapid distribution and effect of the anti-coagulant when the blood is added. Nevertheless, it is essential for the blood to be withdrawn and transferred to the tube and with minimum delay. Any unusual delay of the blood in the syringe can lead to blood clots forming prior to transfer to the tube. The needle must always be removed prior to dispensing blood from the syringe into the tube to avoid haemolysis.

Lastly, it is important for the tube to be filled to the line, not under-filled or over-filled. Under filling can lead to shrinkage of red cells and false low PCV/MHct readings; over-filling can lead to clot formation.

These precautions are particularly important when sampling cat blood which has platelets with an inherent ability to clump very quickly. These clumps can not only form clots quickly but also can be responsible for giving falsely elevated WBC counts with automated analysis.

Other Samples

  • Vetlab Sodium Citrate 9NC Tubes - Mauve Top Tubes
  • Vetlab Fluoride-Oxalate Tubes - Yellow Top Tubes
  • Microcentrifuge Tubes, Plug Top Tubes
  • Plain, Glass, Screw Top Bottles
  • Plain, Plastic, Screw Top Bottles

Vetlab Sodium Citrate Tubes

Sodium Citrate tubes are exclusively used for coagulation studies. They are pre-filled with liquid Sodium Citrate and must be filled to the 1.3ml fill line on the label to ensure the correct ratio of blood/citrate.

Vetlab Fluoride-Oxalate Tubes

Fluoride-Oxalate tubes are exclusively used for Blood Glucose assays. They contain two separate additives: Sodium Fluoride and Potassium Oxalate. The oxalate component acts as an anticoagulant and the fluoride as an inhibitor of red cell glycolytic enzymes. These tubes are useful when there is to be a delay between sampling and testing when a centrifuge is not immediately available. The sample must eventually be centrifuged and the plasma tested.

Microcentrifuge Tubes (eppendorf, reaction, conical bottom)

Microcentrifuge tubes are plastic 1.5ml fill volume with an integral flip/push cap and conical bottom. They are often referred to as ‘Eppendorf’ or ‘Reaction Tubes’ and commonly used for containing serum or plasma. Our tubes are graduated and have a frosted area on the outside for labelling. They can also be used for centrifuging blood or other body fluids.

Also available large 15.0ml screw top centrifuge tubes with conical bottom.

2ml & 5ml Plain, Glass or Plastic Screw Top Bottles & Tubes

These 2ml & 5ml screw top glass or plastic bottles/tubes with no anti-coagulant are used for collecting a variety of samples including:

  • Whole blood for producing serum
  • Urine and other body fluids
  • Hair and skin scrapes



Cat NoDescriptionPrice
Vet-Tube Range-Screw Top 2ml
0102Vet-Tube S Plain (serum) 1.3ml fill Clear Top x 100£22.00 (ex VAT)
0103Vet-Tube SG Plain + Gel 1.1ml fill Brown Top x 100£28.50 (ex VAT)
0100Vet-Tube E (EDTA) 1.3ml fill Red Top x 100 £22.00 (ex VAT)
0110Vet-Tube P (Li.Hep) (plasma)1.3ml fill Orange Top x 100£22.00 (ex VAT)
0111Vet-Tube PG (Li.Hep + Gel) 1.1m fill Green Top x 100£28.50 (ex VAT)
Vetlab Range-Screw Top 2ml
0202Vetlab ZT Plain (serum) 1.3ml fill White Top x 100£13.80 (ex VAT)
0203Vetlab ZT Plain + Gel 1.1ml fill Brown Top x 100£25.00 (ex VAT)
0200Vetlab KE (EDTA) 1.3ml fill Pink Top x 100£13.80 (ex VAT)
0210Vetlab LH (Li.Hep) (plasma)1.3ml fill Orange Top x 100£13.80 (ex VAT)
0211Vetlab LH + Li. Hep + Gel 1.1ml fill Orange Top x 100£25.00 (ex VAT)
0040-100Vetlab Fl. Oxalate FX 1.3ml fill Yellow Top x 100£18.00 (ex VAT)
0040-25Vetlab Fl. Oxalate FX 1.3ml fill Yellow Top x 25£4.73 (ex VAT)
0106Vetlab Sodium Citrate 9NC 1.3ml fill Mauve Top x 100£22.00 (ex VAT)
0106-25Vetlab Sodium Citrate 9NC 1.3ml fill Mauve Top x 25£5.46 (ex VAT)
Other Blood/Sample Tubes, Various Sizes & Tops
0114Li. Heparin PLUG TOP 1.3ml Orange Top x 100£25.00 (ex VAT)
0011-100Li. Heparin SCREW TOP 0.5ml Orange Top x 100£20.00 (ex VAT)
0011-50Li. Heparin SCREW TOP 0.5ml Orange Top x 50£10.00 (ex VAT)
0015-100EDTA PUSH TOP 0.5ml Pink Top x 100£14.00 (ex VAT)
0015-50EDTA PUSH TOP 0.5ml Pink Top x 50£9.50 (ex VAT)
0017-100EDTA SCREW TOP 0.5ml Pink Top x 100£20.00 (ex VAT)
0001-100EDTA PUSH TOP 1.0ml Pink Top x100£13.00 (ex VAT)
0016-50FL. OXALATE SCREW TOP 0.5ml Yellow Top x 50£8.75 (ex VAT)
0016-100FL. OXALATE SCREW TOP 0.5ml Yellow Top x 100£17.00 (ex VAT)
0112Microcentrifuge Tubes 1.5ml Plug Top x 500£10.00 (ex VAT)
0115Centrifuge Tubes 15.0ml Conical Bottom Screw Top x 500£56.00 (ex VAT)
0115-100Centrifuge Tubes 15.0ml Conical Bottom Screw Top x 100£13.00 (ex VAT)
0115-50Centrifuge Tubes 15.0ml Conical Bottom Screw Top x 50£9.00 (ex VAT)
Glass & Plastic - Screw Top
0070-100Plain, Glass, Screw Top Bottle, 5ml x 100£23.00 (ex VAT)
0071-100Plain, Plastic, Screw Top, 5ml x 100£18.00 (ex VAT)
0072-100Plain, Plastic, Screw Top 2ml Tube x 100£13.80 (ex VAT)