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Rapi-Diff & Other Ready to Use Stains and Reagents

We supply the very popular Rapi-Diff Stain Set along with the individual stains, A, B and C which can also be purchased separately from us. We also offer a selection of gram stain liquids which include: Acetone for use as a clearing agent, Giemsa, Leishman, Loffler’s Methylene Blue and New Methylene Blue.

We also supply: TB stains, Phosphate Buffered Saline pH 6.8 to support our Rapi-Diff 11 stain, Buffered Formalin, White Cell Counting Fluid and finally, the indispensable Potassium Hydroxide solution for the diagnosis of mites and ringworm in hair and skin samples. If there are any other particular stains that you cannot see in our price tab, please let us know and we will do our very best to source them for you.

Rapi-Diff Stain 11 Stain Set

Our Rapi-Diff II Stain Set which is useful for staining smears, especially blood smears is available in 2.5L, 1L, 500ml and 250ml sets or single solutions. This triple set is for the rapid differential evaluation of haematology and cytological smears, and is directly comparable to DIFF-QUICK and the results are similar to Romanowsky stained smears.

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Rapi-Diff II Instructions for Use


Rapi-Diff II Notes

  1. The number of dips in stains can be varied to provide different intensities of red/blue staining.
  2. When in use stains should be stored in suitable capped containers to prevent evaporation (for example: screw-capped Coplin Staining Jars).
  3. Washing in phosphate buffer solution pH 6.8 is recommended for best results. Distilled water or tap water can be used in an emergency with some loss of colour quality.
  4. Transfer of Solution B into Solution C will result in the deterioration of staining performance over time due to an interaction between the solutions resulting in the need to increase the staining time in Solution C. This can be reduced to a minimum if the slide is washed with phosphate buffer solution pH 6.8 before transfer to solution C.
  5. You may find that Solution A will run out before Solutions B and C and we supply the single Solutions separately.

Any questions or queries, please contact our Technical Services Department
Telephone: 01798 874871

Other Items Required

We recommend using our plastic, screw-capped Coplin Staining Jars (Order Code: 1625) for holding the stains and preventing any evaporation. Our Phosphate Buffered Saline pH 6.8 (Order Code: 0626) in a wash bottle (Order Code: 1450), for washing specimens between and after Solutions A and B.

Top Tip

Just before you make the blood smear, use a Kimberly Clarke, KIMCARE fluffless tissue to ensure that your microscope slide is clean and free from any grease or dust.



Cat NoDescriptionPrice
Rapi-Diff Stains
5190Rapi-Diff Smear Stain Set 3 x 500ml£53.00 (ex VAT)
5191Rapi-Diff Solution A, 1 x 500ml£19.00 (ex VAT)
5192Rapi-Diff Solution B, 1 x 500ml£19.00 (ex VAT)
5193Rapi-Diff Solution C, 1 x 500ml£19.00 (ex VAT)
5190-250Rapi-Diff Smear Stain Set 3 x 250ml£40.00 (ex VAT)
5191-250Rapi-Diff Solution A, 1 x 250ml£16.50 (ex VAT)
5192-250Rapi-Diff Solution B, 1 x 250ml£16.50 (ex VAT)
5193-250Rapi-Diff Solution C, 1 x 250ml£16.50 (ex VAT)
5191-1LRapi-Diff Solution A, 1 L£36.00 (ex VAT)
5192-1LRapi-Diff Solution B, 1L£36.00 (ex VAT)
5193-1LRapi-Diff Solution C, 1L£36.00 (ex VAT)
1626Staining/Coplin Jar GLASS x 1£16.00 (ex VAT)
1625Staining/Coplin Jar (screw cap) Plastic x 1 £12.50 (ex VAT)
1450Wash Bottle 250ml x 1£5.50 (ex VAT)
Other Stains & Solutions
6115Acetone 99.5% 1 x 500ml£6.00 (ex VAT)
0620-1Buffered Formalin, 10% 1 Litre£8.80 (ex VAT)
0620-5Buffered Formalin, 10% 5 Litres£20.00(ex VAT)
2483-250Carbol Fuchsin (Gram) 1 x 250ml£9.00 (ex VAT)
2490-250Gram Differentiator 1 x 250ml £9.00 (ex VAT)
2485-250Carbol Fuchsin (ZN) 1 x 250ml- Special Order£11.00 (ex VAT)
2486-500TB Differentiator (ZN) 1 x 500ml- Special Order£15.00 (ex VAT)
2480-250Crystal Violet 0.5% 1 x 250ml£9.00 (ex VAT)
0608Cytofix & Trigger Spray 1 x 500ml- Special Order£15.00 (ex VAT)
5120-500Giemsa Stain 1 x 500ml- Special Order £16.00 (ex VAT)
2484Gram Stain Set Fuschin Counterstain 4 x 250ml £28.00 (ex VAT)
5130-500Leishman Stain 1 x 500ml£16.00 (ex VAT)
2481-250Lugol’s Iodine 1 x 250ml £9.00 (ex VAT)
5160New Methylene Blue 1 x 100ml£13.00 (ex VAT)
2487-250Loeffler's Methylene Blue 1 x 250ml (Anthrax)- Special Order£18.50 (ex VAT)
0626Phosphate Buffered Saline pH 6.8 1 x 250ml£5.00 (ex VAT)
5006-250White cell counting fluid 1% acetic acid 1 x 250ml£12.00 (ex VAT)
6098Potassium Hydroxide 10% 1 x 100ml£6.95 (ex VAT)
6098-500Potassium Hydroxide 10% 1 x 500ml£17.40 (ex VAT)

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