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Selective Culture Medium For The Direct Detection Of Motile Tritrichomonas Foetus Trophozoites

Test applicable to: Cat
Sample: Faeces

InPouch TF-Feline is a unique, self-contained device incorporating enrichment medium for the detection of Tritrichomonas foetus trophozoites in fresh feline faeces, in the clinic, by direct microscopy.

The proprietary medium is selective for the transport and growth of the trichomonad while inhibiting the growth of yeast, mould and bacteria which might interfere with a reliable diagnosis.

Two Compartment System

The InPouch consists of a high barrier, oxygen resistant, plastic pouch with two V-shaped chambers connected by a narrow passage. This two-compartment system allows direct observation (wet amount) of a newly collected specimen in the upper chamber before expressing the contents into the lower chamber for culture.


The InPouch is sensitive enough that inoculums containing as little as 1 organism are sufficient to potentially result in a presumptive positive test. Presumptive positive pouches for T. foetus can be tested via a PCR procedure to verify the result. Transport and off-site testing can be performed easily due to the flexible packaging and integral design of the pouch.

In-Pouch TF Feline Product Information -PDF Download

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Why Test?

Why is it important to test for Tritrichomonas Foetus?

Tritrichomonas Foetus should be tested in young cats and kittens especially if they are from a multi-cat household. Recent research has discovered that Tritrichomonas foetus is an important cause of chronic diarrhoea in cats with a recorded prevalence of 14% in the U.K.

Older Cats

Older cats and cats living in a single cat household can also contract the disease so if they do not have obvious clinical signs but no explanation for any choric diarrhoea then it is advisable that they are tested.

Cats and Cattle

Tritrichomonas Foetus can also be a significant cause of infertility and abortion in cattle as well as a disease in cats. Reproductive disease does not appear to an important manifestation of Tritrichomonas Foetus in cats which suggests that the bovine and feline isolates adapt to their hosts.

Dr Chris Helps and Dr Severine Tasker from Langford Veterinary Services, Bristol, investigate Tritrichomonas Foetus in cats and methods of testing for the infection.

Tritrichomonas Foetus in Cats Langford Vets


What are the symptoms of Tritrichomonas Foetus?

Clinical signs of Tritrichomonas Foetus can include any of the following:

  • Chronic diarrhoea possibly up to 6-9 months
  • Frequent defecation in small amounts
  • Stools contain fresh blood and/or mucus and can be malodorous



Advantages of InPouch TF- Feline

  • Store at Room Temperature – tests are instantly available for use
  • Larger kit sizes available
  • Simple and hygienic handling
  • Results in 15 minutes (rapid diagnostics) or 18 hours for culture diagnostics
  • Reliable clinical diagnostics
  • Long Shelf life – typically 18 months
  • Competitively priced

Instructions For Use

InPouch TF-Feline Instructions For Use

InPouch TF-Feline Instructions For Use

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