MykodermoAssay DTM and MykodermoAssay Trio

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Special Agar For The Qualitative Detection Of Veterinary Relevant Dermatophytes

Test applicable to: Dog, Cat, Farm and Small Animals
Sample: Hair roots, Dandruff, Scabs and Skin Scrapings

Mykodermo Assay DTM is a classical dermatophyte ringworm test media in an agar slant vial format.
Mykodermo Assay Trio is an innovative petri dish format combining three of the most important dermatophyte culture media.

Simple Test Procedures with Fast Results

Both test formats ensure a fast confirmation of a clinically suspected diagnosis through a colour change of DTM or DTM and ESA media, respectively. ESA is an optimised medium for the reliable visual and microscopic differentiation of dermatophytes and SAB/SDA, enables a faster growth compared to DTM and ESA.

Dermatophytosis (ringworm) is one of the most frequent infectious dermatoses in small animals (cats, dogs, and rabbits), horses and farm animals but also in humans (zoonosis). It is caused by dermatophytes, filamentous fungi which use keratin (skin, hair and claws) as a carbon source. The clinically most relevant species are Microsporum (M.canis, M.gypseum, M.pesicolor), Trichophyton (T.verrucosum, T.menta grophytes) and Epidermophyton.

Fast Reliable Diagnostics (colour indicator)

In the case of a suspect ongoing dermatophytosis (spotted, patchy area of alopecia, often non-pruritic), a specific diagnosis should be obtained by performing a culture using specific dermatophyte culture media.

Mykodermoassay DTM & TRIO Product Information – PDF Download

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Why Test?

Why is it important to test for Dermatophytoses?

Dermatophytosis is a highly infectious and contagious skin disease with zoonotic potential. It is therefore important to confirm the diagnosis quickly in order to give specific treatment and prevent it from spreading to other animals and humans.



What are the symptoms of Dermatophytoses?

Lesions typically appear on head, ears, feet and forelimbs. These lesions can appear as patchy, crusted circular bald spots that may look red in the centre. However, lesions can vary in appearance from a few broken hairs or patchy hair loss to lesions spreading over the entire body.



Advantages of Mykodermoassay DTM and Trio

  • Simple test procedure with hair roots, dandruff, scabs and skin scrapings
  • Fast results in only 2-3 days
  • Long shelf life – 24 months refrigerated

Instructions For Use & Interpretation Chart

Instructions For Use


Mykodermoassay DTM Instructions For Use


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