MegaRSAT Brucella Canis

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Rapid Slide Agglutination Test for the qualitative detection of antibodies against Brucella Canis in the serum of Dogs

Test applicable to: Dog

Sample: Serum

Brucella Canis is a gram-negative bacteria found world-wide and being a potential danger for dogs and humans (zoonosis).

Although generally the prevalence is very low and B. Canis is partially irradicated in countries with high breeding standards, increased attention must be paid, especially in dog breeding. In mating with dogs from abroad, brucellosis can be imported easily and unnoticed.

The pathogen mainly propagates via infectious abortion material or vaginal fluids, by mating or by transmission to puppies from Bitches

Infected animals show failure in gravidity or infertility as well as atypical symptoms (e.g., uveitis). In about 75 % of the cases, females abort after 45 to 55 days of gestation. Early embryonic death and absorption or abortion 10 to 20 days after mating is reported, too. These abortions may go unnoticed, and then the female is often presented with the preliminary report “failure to conceive”.

In males, the main signs are epididymitis, testicular atrophy and a moist scrotal dermatitis, in addition to bad semen quantity (especially in those with chronic brucellosis) and quality.

Besides lack of symptoms & misdiagnosis, antibody levels in chronic animals can drop under the limit of detection. Hence, breeding dogs should be routinely tested for antibodies with serological methods to prevent the danger of propagation via venereal transmission.

Being fast, simple and reliable, MegaRSAT® BRUCELLA Canis enables the veterinarian to have a complete on-site predication of the brucellosis status of the animal enabling therapeutic and preventative measures to be applied immediately, adapted to dog and breeder needs.


Detection of Antibodies
Sample material: Serum
Test time/duration: 2 minutes
Storage: 2–8°C
Test procedure: Agglutination

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MegaRSAT Brucella Canis Instructions For Use

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