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To make it easy for you Vetlab Supplies have put together some discounted tailor-made F.E.C starter kits with everything you need to get started.
All options are available with bespoke flotation solutions in both 1L and 5L

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Faecal worm egg counts

Faecal worm egg counts (F.E.C’s) are performed on faeces samples of large & companion animals to detect the presence and provide an estimate of the adult worm burden in an individual or small group of animals.
Animals shedding relatively large numbers of worm eggs in their faeces are at risk of loss of condition and illness and pose a threat to other animals grazing the same pasture.
Also, F.E.Cs can be performed as part of a Faecal Egg Reduction Test (F.E.C.R.T) to detect the efficacy of, or resistance to, the anthelmintic in use.
In general, faecal worm egg count kits help vets and owners maintain their livestock in good health, provide financial benefits by avoiding unnecessary worming treatments and delay/avoid the development of anthelmintic resistance.

F.E.C Methods

McMaster Worm Egg Counting Method

For Faecal Worm Egg Counts On Large Animals

McMaster counting slides are widely used for performing faecal worm egg counts (F.E.C’s). Faecal worm egg counts are performed on faeces samples mainly from large animals such as horses, sheep and cattle which normally harbour low levels of worms in their guts.

The McMaster Slide method of estimating the parasite load of an animal is made up of just four easy to understand and perform steps.

First, separate the worm eggs from a sample of the animal’s faeces using a Faecal Flotation Solution. Second, find the eggs (oocytes) using a microscope and, third, count them using the McMaster Slide. Finally, knowing both the weight of faeces sampled and the number of worm eggs counted, calculate the animal’s likely level of worm infection.

We Supply Three Types Of McMaster Counting Chambers

All Glass McMaster Chamber
Glass/Hybrid McMaster Chamber
Acrylic McMaster Chamber

Concentration/Flotation Method

Worm Egg Detection Method For Companion And Small Animals

The Statspin OvaTube and The ParaTEST® VET are the ideal on-site parasite detection test kits which are suitable for companion and small animals and have been developed for use in veterinary hospitals, practices and reference laboratories. In a situation where an animal has internal parasites or a particular parasite, the concentration flotation technique is recommended for the maximum yield of ova and oocysts. The ParaTEST ®VET does not require a centrifuge  but The Statspin OvaTube method can be performed with or without a centrifuge.

The basic principle uses a flotation solution of special Specific Gravity in which the faecal sample is mixed and poured into a centrifuge tube. This can then be incubated vertically on the bench for up to 10-15 minutes or centrifuged ready for microscopic examination.

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