The Vetlab Premiere 1600

Veterinary LED Laboratory Microscope with Infinity Optical System

The Vetlab Premiere 1600 veterinary LED microscope, with its Revolutionary Infinity Optical System, has a superb feel to it, so when you sit in front of it everything fits into place. This microscope’s binocular head is comfortably positioned and the eyepieces are extremely easy to adjust. Both the coarse and fine focus controls are smooth and comfortable to handle, as are the low-positioned coaxial mechanical stage controls.

The Premiere 1600 is supplied with a binocular head. This professional laboratory microscope comes with a 3-Year Warranty, is available on Seven Day Sale or Return and represents exceptional value for money priced at only £495.00!

Introducing Infinity Optics – Powerful LED Illumination – raises microscopy imaging quality to another level

This laboratory microscope represents a major advance in image quality and we are proud to introduce it into our range of Infinity Optical System microscopes. The Premiere 1600 LED veterinary microscope matches Infinity Optics with Infinity Plan Objectives, which raises image quality to another level.

The images are exceptionally sharp and clear and are seen on a flat field of view against a bright, white background. This is due to the quality of the LED light source which is so important when optimising the image. The use of an LED light source also means that there are extremely low levels of heat emission and the light source will last for up to 50,000 hours.

Advanced Ergonomic Design – Available with a Binocular Head

With its stylish, cutting-edge design, this professional LED microscope will not fail to impress, with the superb quality of its images, as well as its ease of use. In addition to its powerful LED light source, there are four PLAN INFINITY objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X (S), 100X (S)(O).


Battery compartment for 3 x AA batteries for cordless/field use.

Microscopy Accessories

A 60X Dry PLAN INFINITY Objective is available, which is very useful for examining Rapi-Diff stained blood smears for differential WBC counts without the need for immersion oil. This saves time and eliminates the danger of immersion oil contaminating objectives.

The Inexpensive Solution To Microscope Photography

Microscope Eyepiece Adapter
InSight Microscope Eyepiece Adapter

Why not add the InSight™ photographic and video smartphone adapter to your microscope?  The smartphone camera can then capture photos and videos for uploading, sharing, as well as real time viewing.  The InSight™ microscope eyepiece adapter for smartphones offers an excellent and inexpensive solution to microscope photography without the need to purchase a more expensive microscope. For More Information Follow This Link

Microscopy Applications

(Worm egg counts) (Mcmaster Counting Slide)
Worm egg detection (OvaTube)
Skin/hair examinations (dermatophytes, ectoparasites) (MykodermoAssay DTM and MykodermoAssay TRIO)
Rapi-Diff stained blood smears (differential WBC counts) (Rapi-Diff Stain Set)
Urine sediments
RBC counts (manual)
WBC counts (manual)
Gram-stained smears (bacteria)
Other stained smears

Consumable Starter Pack and Warranty

As with all our Vetlab Premiere microscopes, a starter pack is provided including a user manual, spare fuse, immersion oil, lens tissues, microscope slides, coverslips and dust cover.

  • User Manual
  • Power Lead
  • FREE: Spare Fuse
  • FREE: Microscope Slides
  • FREE: Coverslips
  • FREE: Lens Tissues
  • FREE: Immersion Oil
  • FREE: Dust Cover
  • FREE: Delivery

The Vetlab Premiere 1600 is supplied with a 3-Year Warranty and is CE Certified.

(See Warranty Terms & Conditions)

All Prices Exclude VAT

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Technical Specifications – Premiere 1600 LED Veterinary Microscope 

  • Optical System: INFINITY
  • Viewing Head: Binocular (Siedentopf) fitted with Infinity tube lens.
    Interpupillary distance 55mm – 75mm, inclined 30˚ and rotatable 360˚.
    Diopters on each eyepiece aperture.
    Eyepieces: One set of Wide Field (WF) 10X/18mm eyepieces.
  • Nosepiece: Quadruple.
  • Objectives: PLAN INFINITY objectives 4X, 10X, 40X (S), 100X (S) (O). Parfocal and mounted away from the operator (convenient for changing slides).
  • Focus Controls: Ergonomically designed coaxial coarse and fine controls, range 25mm; fine focus division 0.002mm. Focus/rack stop control and Focus Tension control.
  • Stage: Double layer mechanical stage 142 x 132mm, moving area 75mm x 50mm with a spring clip single slide holder. Ergonomically designed low positioned X-Y controls.
  • Condenser: Bright Field Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25, Iris Diaphragm and filter holder. Centring adjustment screws. Rack and pinion height adjustment.
  • Light Source: Built-in LED 3W, power indicator light. On/Off and variable intensity switches.

Battery compartment for 3 x AA batteries for cordless/field use.

Optional Extras:

60X Dry Plan Infinity Objective.

Premiere 1600 Data Sheet

Vetlab Premiere 1600 Microscope data sheet

Choosing Your Microscope

Choosing your Microscope

Microscope Components Explained

Microscope Components Explained

Top Tips For Every Microscopist

Top Tips For Every Microscopist

Cleaning and Care of Your Microscope 

Cleaning and Care of Your Microscope


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