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Essential Veterinary Laboratory Consumables – Affordable, Convenient, Secure.

The quality and dependability of your veterinary laboratory consumables underpins the reliability of your diagnostic tests, micro-chemical analyses and research outcomes. Chosen with more than 30 years of laboratory experience, Vetlabs’ catalogue of laboratory consumables and disposable plastic labware gives you complete confidence in the safety and security of your samples at every stage of the laboratory process.

Specialist Veterinary Labware and Disposables

Sourced from the best manufacturers and suppliers of veterinary lab resources worldwide, Vetlab’s catalogue gives you premium quality laboratory consumables economically priced and fully supported by Vetlab’s expert knowledge and service.

Specialist veterinary laboratory ware includes the Vet-Tube and Vetlab veterinary blood collection tubes. These non-evacuated glass and plastic containers feature leak-proof screw, plug and push-top caps colour coded for the presence or absence of each type of anticoagulant.

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Blood Collection Tubes

We offer a range of quality, great value, sample collection tubes…Read More>


Cell Counting

TIC® is a single-use dilution test system for precise microscopic cell counting… Read More>

Centrifuge Consumables

We offer a great range of centrifuge consumables and accessories which include StatSpin and Hawksley…Read More>

Decon 90 Laboratory Cleaner

Decon 90 is the leading active laboratory cleaner available in 1 and 5-litre sizes…Read More>

Disposable Gloves

Nitrile soft disposable gloves, powder free and micro textured. Read More>

Disposable Medical Face Masks

Disposable medical face masks. EN 14683 Type IIR certified, come in boxes of 50 and have a 3 ply bacterial filtration efficiency of 98%. Made in the UK…Read More>

Faecal Flotation Solutions

Parasitology – Looking for worm eggs? Try our ready to use faecal flotation solutions, no mess, no hassle, and made with the correct S.G. value…Read More>

G9 Disinfectant, Cleaning & Hygiene Range

G9 Cleaning & Hygiene Range includes surface disinfectant, hand scrubs, hand gels and instrument cleaners Read More>

General Laboratory Consumables

Our general range of laboratory supplies includes biohazard bags, lint free tissues and other day to day laboratory essentials…Read More>

Histology Pots & Buckets

Great value  tough, leak-proof Histology Pots from 20ml to 1000ml.  Plus.. larger 5L Histology Buckets…Read More>

Histology Pots, Pre-Filled

Vetlab’s Pre-filled Neutral Buffered Formalin Histology Pots, made from impact-resistant polypropylene, give you the safe and convenient solution to preserving and transporting critical tissue samples…Read More>

Insight Urinalysis Reagent Strips – 10 Test

Insight Urinalysis Reagent Test Strips, 10 test parameter for the rapid detection of multiple analytes in urine…Read More>

LipoClear Tubes

LipoClear is a safe, effective and inexpensive method for clearing lipaemic samples…Read More>

Microscope Consumables

Top quality, great value microscope consumables available…Read More>

Podopro Skin Disinfectant

Podopro is a chlorhexidine skin preparation for rapid disinfection…Read More>

Sample Containers

We supply a large range of sample, specimen containers from 5ml bijou vials, 30ml containers and right up to 5L buckets. Read More>


We supply a wide range of liquid, ready to use stains and other reagents especially those for microbiology and haematology…Read More>

StatSpin OvaTube

Ova and parasite detection system, centrifugal accuracy without the mess…Read More>

StatSpin Products

Supplying StatSpin consumables and accessories, including 40mm capillary tubes, OvaTube and StatSpin rotors…Read More>


Transfer Pipettes, Pipette Tips

Take a look at our great range of plastic transfer pipettes and pipette tips…Read More>

Transport Swabs

We offer a range of Transport Swabs both Charcoal and Plain for bacterial sample collection…Read More>


UriStain™, urine sediment stain is available in a 15ml dropper bottle and at a great price…Read More>

COVID-19 Update

As the impact of COVID-19, is being felt around the world, the well-being of our employees and their families is of the highest importance to us.

By putting the safety of our employees first, we have reduced our on-site staff to a minimum and we will endeavour to maintain our business operations to the highest standard possible.

We are carefully monitoring and following official guidance from the UK Government, Public Health England, WHO and CDC guidelines and in line with these; we are currently operating business as usual.

We are monitoring our stock levels on a daily basis ensuring a fair distribution of our products. We are fully committed to maintaining the supply of products during these unprecedented times.

We are open for orders from Monday through to Thursday and closing on Fridays:

Friday Closure:  For any technical queries, orders or enquiries please do one of the following:
• Email:
• Fax: 01798 874787
• Telephone & leave a message: 01798 874567

We will endeavour to contact you on Friday and Monday if it is non-urgent.

If you require any further information, please contact Vetlab Supplies Ltd Customer Services on 01798 874567 or email

Thank you to all our customers and suppliers for their support during these temporary measures.

Stay Safe