UriStain™ - for the Microscopic Examination of Urine Sediment

UriStain™ is a urine sediment stain, intended for staining centrifuged urine sediment and used for the examination of WBCs, RBCs, bacteria, yeast and casts. The stain contains various dyes that aid in differentiating the abnormal cellular elements found in urine. UriStain is a ‘one solution’ modification of the Sternheimer and Malvin procedure which compares directly to the Sedi-Stain product.

Sediment Stain – A Valuable Diagnostic Technique

Microscopic examination of urinary sediment is a rapid, easy-to-perform diagnostic procedure that can provide important information to the clinician. Aside from taking an actual tissue biopsy of the kidney, it is widely recognised that the microscopic findings of the urinary sediment are a reliable and valuable diagnostic technique which will give a clear indicator of intrinsic renal disease.

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Long Shelf-life, No Filtration Required

UriStain™ is a stabilised modification of the Sternheimer - Malbin Urine Sediment Stain for the easy differentiation of red and white cells.

  • Red cells - Stains pink
  • White cells - Stains purple
  • Cytoplasm - Stains red/purple
  • Yeast and fungal mycelia – Stains purple
  • Casts - Stains pink to red
  • Epithelial cells - Stains purple
  • Bacteria when alive - Stains red
  • Bacteria when dead - Stains purple
  • Trichomonas - colourless or light blue

For the full Interpretation of results, and the complete procedure, see ‘Instructions for Use’.

Unlike the original formulation of urine staining methods which involved filtration, UriStain requires no filtration and has a long shelf-life. Standardising your collection, evaluation techniques and reporting procedures is of the highest importance.

Reagent Formula

This stain is made from certified dyes which include: Ammonium Oxalate, Safranin, Crystal Violet, Ethanol and Deionized water. Our UriStain™ is available in 15ml dropper bottles and is priced very competitively.

Other items required, include the standard microbiological supplies and equipment such as…

Microscope Consumables 
Sample Collection Tubes 

UriStain Instructions for Use

UriStain Instructions for Use

UriStain Safety Data Sheet

UriStain Safety Data Sheet

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