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Laboratory Specimen Containers

(Universal Containers)

We supply a large range of laboratory specimen collection containers for transportation, specimen storage and general use in the laboratory. Our universal sample bottles are manufactured from tough polypropylene materials and are supplied with leak-proof screw-top lids. All of our containers are labelled for easy identification and are CE marked.

If you require a different or special type of sample container that you cannot find in our range, please contact us and we will do our very best to find the right product for you.

Specimen collection containers can be used for collecting urine and faeces samples from animals for analysis as well as, body tissue along with various other samples for laboratory testing. In addition, our range also includes Bijou Vials which are ideal for research and small samples. Furthermore, we offer all of our product range in small pack sizes of 10, right up to larger pack sizes of 400 to suit both small and large veterinary practices and laboratories.

30ml Sample Containers

One of our most popular sizes is the Sterilin® brand of 30ml white-top specimen containers which are ideal for urine collection as well as many other samples. CE marked and labelled, we offer small packs of 10, packs of 100 and large quantities of 400.

30ml Sterilin Sample, Specimen Containers

30ml Sample Containers with Spoon (faeces collection)

Our blue-top 30ml universal containers contain a spoon and are used for the collection of faeces samples. These containers are CE marked, Aseptically Produced, labelled and available in pack sizes of 10, 100 and 400.

30ml Sterile Blue-Top Sample, Specimen Containers with Spoons

30ml Boric Acid Containers, 5ml Boric Acid Bijou Vials (urine preservation)

In addition to our range, we also supply a 30ml red-top boric acid containers for urine. Used for urine microscopy and culture these containers contain boric acid powder as a preservative. Boric acid holds the bacterial population steady for 50 – 95 hours, and other cellular components remain intact. Most importantly, boric acid containers should only be used if the urine sample cannot be analysed within 4 hours after collection and should only be used for routine microbiology urine analyses.

Finally, boric acid should never be used for Chlamydia testing, biochemistry tests and urine dip-stick tests. Using a plain sterile universal container is ideal for urine without preservative. It is important to remember that if you are sending urine samples to an outside laboratory, always check their sample requirements. Our Boric acid containers both 30ml and 5ml bijou vials are also supplied in small pack sizes of 10 and larger pack sizes of 100. Labelled and CE marked.

Boric Acid Urine Collection Containers, 30ml and 5ml Bijou Sizes

60ml Sample Containers

Also available are 60ml specimen containers supplied with a white-top, label, CE marked and Aseptically Produced. Ideal for larger samples or specimens and can be purchased in quantities of 10, 100 and 300 units.

60ml Sterile Sample, Specimen Containers

100ml & 250ml Sample Containers

These are ideal for larger samples where a more robust container is needed. Our 100ml and 250ml specimen containers are supplied with a metal cap and a flow seal inert liner screw-cap. Aseptically Produced, labelled and CE marked these large sample containers are supplied in convenient pack sizes of 10, 100 and 200.

100ml and 250ml Sample Containers With Metal Caps.

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Histology Pots & Buckets

Histology Pots and Buckets, Tough & Leak-proof

Histology Pots & Buckets

Sizes from 20ml, up to a 5L Bucket

Vetlab Supplies’ large histology pots are made of tough polypropylene and are supplied with strong plastic leak-proof lids. These pots have a wide-mouth and base, making them especially ideal for containing and transporting large tissue samples for histopathology.

Clear Polypropylene with Veterinary ID Labels

Our histology pots are particularly useful for allowing large tumours to be completely removed, safely fixed and transported; allowing the pathologist to provide a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis.

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