CataKlear™ Lipid Clearing Agent


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For Clearing Lipaemic Samples

Note: CataKlear™ replaces LipoClear which has been discontinued:


Gross elevations of serum or plasma lipoproteins (lipaemia) cause turbidity in the sample which can interfere with the accuracy of the assay of some analytes which use colorimetric methods. CataKlear™ is a lipid clearing reagent.

The removal of this interfering lipaemia can be achieved by several techniques which include ultracentrifugation (the best method) and solvent extraction. However, these methods have practical disadvantages, including large sample requirements, the use of a high-speed centrifuge or the use of toxic solvents.

CataKlear™  Lipid Clearing agent has been developed to solve this problem without interfering with the accuracy of most tests.

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CataKlear Health and Safety Data Sheet

CataKlear Health and Safety Data Sheet

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