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Surgicutt Vet H (Dogs)

Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time Device

Test applicable to: Dog 
Sample: Whole Blood

Surgicutt Vet H (dog) is a useful in-clinic screening device for the identification of thrombocytic and vascular bleeding disorders in dogs by measuring the Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time.

Surgicutt Vet H (dog) enables the veterinarian to make a standardised incision (white lancet -1.0mm deep and 5.0mm long) in 1/1000 second, based on an easy-to-use and simple incision lancet technique.

After planar placing on the mucosa, the nearly painless incision is made automatically by simply pushing the trigger. Due to the automatic retraction of the steel blade after setting the incision, there is no possibility of injury to either the animal or the vet.

The BMBT (Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time) is the time that passes once an incision has been made with the use of Surgicutt Vet Dog until haemostasis is present.

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Why test for Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time?

It is important to test for Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time as it will identify the state of haemostasis in the animal. Haemostasis is the complex physiological reaction the animals body has to all bleedings.

Clinical signs may vary from animal to animal but can include the following:

  • Surface bleeding
  • Bleeding from the gums
  • Recurrent nosebleeds
  • Blood in urine
  • Blood in faeces
  • Excessive blood present when clipping toenails

It can also be brought on due to excessive blood loss by surgery and minor physical trauma to the patient.


Advantages of Surgicutt Vet H (dog)

  • Simple standardised test procedure
  • Store at Room Temperature – tests are ready to use immediately
  • Long shelf life
  • Fast interpretation within a few minutes
  • Standardised incision – easy to use

Surgicutt Instructions For Use

surgicutt vet instructions for use

Cat NoDescriptionPrice
962-10Vetlab SURGICUTT Dog x 10 incision lancets and 10 filter papers£62.00 (ex VAT)
370SURGICUTT Vet H x 10 incision lancets and 10 filter papers£88.00 (ex VAT)