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Microstat Heated Stage

Microscope Heated Stage - Fits most makes of Microscopes

The Microstat microscope warming stage ensures the accurate temperature controlled microscopy that is critical to meaningful sperm motility assessment and other live cell examinations.

Conveniently attaching to the mechanical stage of almost any veterinary microscope, Microstat digital monitoring and adjustable temperature control maintains semen and other living cell samples thermally independent of variable field or laboratory conditions.

Live Specimen and Semen Quality Microscopy

Simple and straightforward addition of a Microstat heated stage adapts almost any veterinary laboratory microscope for semen quality assessments and other live specimen applications. Sperm motility microscopy requires the maintenance of live sperm at 37 °C (98° F), the temperature normally experienced during fertilisation in vivo. Semen quality assessments in the field can be impaired by environmental temperatures too high or too low for meaningful sperm motility observations.

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Warmed stage microscopy facilitates the management of live sample temperatures in the range of 20° C to 50° C. Accurate temperature control equips vets in the field to carry out sperm morphology and sperm motility assessments under conditions nearer to those of the veterinary laboratory.

Responsive and Stable Temperature Control

The Microstat thermostatically controlled heated stage provides temperature stability for a wide range of biological examinations of living cells, tissue or organisms. Selected temperatures between 20° C and 50°C can be reached quickly and held stable to within +/- 1° C in just 1 to 2 minutes after powering-up the 110V/220V heating control unit.

The solid metal construction not only provides the durability essential for field microscopy and on-site testing, it also provides a built-in ‘heat sink’ enhancing temperature stability in adverse conditions or a changeable environment. Incremental adjustment allows temperature response studies monitored to 0.1° C accuracy with the twin LED actual and pre-set temperature displays.

Simple, Convenient and Cost Effective

Attaching the 150mm x 130mm Microstat to any transmitted light microscope is a simple and cost-effective option temporarily converting a laboratory or field-use instrument into a fully functional warm stage microscope. Removable securing strips fix the fully CE certified unit directly to the microscope’s own 2-D mechanical stage with no unnecessary disassembly.

The 14mm aperture machined into the heated stage permits transmitted light from the microscope’s substage condenser to pass through and illuminate the sample whether it is a plain slide, petri dish or specialist mount such as a McMaster counting slide, haemocytometer or other cell counting slide.

Perfect Partner for Premiere Plan Lens Microscopes

Vetlab’s range of Premiere Veterinary Microscopes provide the easy-to-use, robust and cost-effective foundation for Microstat heated stage microscopy out in the field or in the laboratory.

Premiere 125 and Premiere 250 Microstat-ready microscopes offer the blend of image quality and portability essential for on-site farm, stud or stable semen quality assessments. For intensive laboratory use and demanding research applications, the Premiere 1600 now equipped with Infinity Optics and Plan-lens Objectives, provides the ultimate in easy-on-the-eye flat-field seminology.

Technical Specifications

  • Input 220/240 volts or 110 volts
  • Power 50 watts
  • Controlled temperature range 20°C to 50°C
  • Temperature displayed in 0.1° divisions
  • Pre-heating time 1-2 minutes
  • Dimensions of temperature controlled stage, 150mm x 130mm x 5.8mm
  • CE certified


Microstat Heated Stage Data Sheet

Microscope Heated Stage Data Sheet

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