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The InSight Adapter Fits Most Microscopes and Smartphones

Capture and share microscopic images with the InSight™ Microscope Eyepiece Adapter for smartphones. This adapter offers an excellent & inexpensive solution to microscope photography.

Low Cost Alternative To Digital Eyepiece Cameras

This eyepiece adapter is a fantastic low cost alternative to digital eyepiece cameras and the Trinocular microscope/camera set up. In addition, the adapter can be fitted to most microscopes and smartphones in just a few minutes.

Ideal For E-mailing & Sharing Photos Online

Once the adapter is set up, it is easy to use the smartphone camera to capture photos and videos for e-mailing and sharing online.

Real-Time Microscopic Viewing

Finally, it is perfect for real-time viewing on the smartphone screen or via video-conferencing software.

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Information Sheet

Microscope Eyepiece Adapter Information Sheet

Instructions For Use

Microscope Eyepiece Adapter Instructions