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ParaTEST® VET – Flotation diagnosis system

Simple, clean and professional identification of parasites in faeces.

paraTEST® VET is a simple, hygienic and standardised parasite diagnosis system for the microscopical detection of parasite eggs and oocysts from the faeces of small animals, pets and farm animals.

The flotation method is a long-standing coproscopical detection method of veterinary medicine. The paraTEST® VET system allows the hygienic collection of an adequate amount of faeces and addition of the flotation solution. With the high specific gravity the parasite eggs float to the surface of the convex meniscus formed and settle beneath the cover slip placed on the top. After ca. 15 minutes. This cover slip can then be removed and analysed with a microscope for the presence of parasite eggs.

ParaTEST® VET is therefore perfectly suitable for rapid on-site parasite diagnosis allowing the veterinarian the possibility to initiate therapeutic and prophylactic measurements as soon as possible.

For Further Information:  ParaTEST VET Product Information

Why Test

  • Rapid microscopic diagnostics
    > nematode eggs
    > cestode eggs
    > coccidia oocysts
  • Rapid specific therapy
  • Rapid, long-term and
    effective prophylaxis
    of the stock
  • Reduces on-going costly
    treatment programs and
    mortality rates

Instructions For Use

ParaTEST Instructions For Use


  • Simple and hygienic test procedure with faeces
  • Innovative test system and reliable parasite detection
  • Fast test interpretation after 15 minutes
  • Storage at room temperature (15-25°C)
  • Shelf life: 5 years

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