The VetSpin® Duo Veterinary Centrifuge

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Multi-Combination Rotor – Lifetime Guarantee!

The VetSpin Duo has been ergonomically designed for centrifuging volumes of biological fluids of up to 2.0ml in volume and variable speeds up to 10,000rpm.

This centrifuge has important features which include a multi-combination rotor for haematocrits and microtubes. It has a brushless motor for quiet running,  variable and programmed speeds and timings, and most importantly, automatic lid lock and braking.

Ideal for Busy Practices

Our centrifuge is not only very intuitive but also simple and safe to operate. Above all, with virtually no maintenance required, the VetSpin Duo veterinary centrifuge is ideally suited for busy practices and laboratories.

The Rotor Holds – 2ml Blood Tubes, 75mm Microhaematocrit Tubes & 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes

This multi-combination rotor has been specially designed to hold blood and microcentrifuge tubes up to 2.0ml in volume and 75mm microhaematocrit capillary tubes for microhaematocrit/PCV assays, therefore avoiding the need to change rotors. Above all, it has a fixed angle rotor which will prevent your samples re-mixing if a non-gel tube has been used and there has been a delay in unloading.

VetSpin Duo Veterinary Centrifuge with a multi-combination rotor

Pre-set Programs – Plasma/Serum, Haematocrits and Urine Sediments

This easy to use centrifuge has three pre-set optimised programs available for spinning serum and plasma, haematocrits and urine sediments. Simply select the ‘pre-set program’ of your choice, remember to balance the tubes, and then press the start key. Additionally, the programs can be altered for both speed and time in case a different setting is required for a special sample. Finally, there is an audible alarm which sounds when the cycle is complete and the automatic lid lock ensures the lid cannot be opened until the rotor has come to a complete stop.

The VetSpin Duo Veterinary Centrifuge is supplied with:


Sealant Tray
Plain 75mm Glass Microhaematocrit Tubes  x 100
Heparin 75mm Glass Microhaematocrit Tubes x 100

Available To Purchase, 75mm Reader for Haematocrit Measurements

Hawksley Reader for 75mm Capillary Tubes

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Technical Specifications

VetSpin Duo Technical Specifications

‘The VetSpin Duo Veterinary Centrifuge must be used on a stable flat work surface in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area’

  • Relative Humidity: ≤80%
  • Temperature Range in Use:+5°C to + 40°C
  • Power: AC220-230V 50/60HZ
  • Unit fuse:3A 230V
  • Power lead fuse: 5 AMP
  • Timer: 1-99 minutes variable digitally in increments of 1 minute
  • Max. Speed: 100rpm – 9999rpm variable digitally in increments of 100rpm
  • Max. RCF:9500xg

VetSpin Duo Rotor Volume: 10 x 2ml plastic tubes and 10 glass capillary tubes (75mm in length)

Rotor Capacity

  • 3 Fixed programs
  • Serum/Plasma 9999 rpm 2 mins
  • PCV (Mhct) 9999 rpm 5 mins
  • Urine Sediment 1500 rpm 2 mins

VetSpin Duo Noise (at Max RPM):≤65dB (A)

VetSpin Duo Unit Dimensions: 310mm (L) 270mm (W) 210mm (H)

VetSpin Duo Net Weight: 9 kg

User Manuals

VetSpin Duo User Manual, Quick User Guide & Rotor Removal Instructions

VetSpin Duo User Manual

VetSpin Duo Quick User Guide

Removing Rotor For Cleaning

Special Features

VetSpin Duo Special Features

  • One multi-combination rotor which holds, 2ml blood tubes, 75mm haematocrit tubes & 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes
  • Plastic blood /sample tubes are held at an angle which helps to protect the integrity of the precipitated sample if there is a delay in unloading
  • 3 Pre-set fixed speed/timed programs: serum/plasma, haematocrit, and urine sediment can be quickly accessed at the press of key
  • Brushless motor for quiet running
  • Low maintenance
  • Automatic braking which reduces the cycle time
  • End of run audible alarm sounds when the rotor has stopped confirming that it is safe to open the lid
  • Automatic lid lock ensures the lid cannot be opened until the rotor has come to a complete stop
  • Four large durable suction pads/feet are fitted to ensure a tight grip and stability on the bench especially when running


Balancing Your Centrifuge

How and Why to Balance Your Centrifuge

A reliable benchtop centrifuge is essential to many veterinary tests, diagnoses and sample handling procedures. Balancing your laboratory centrifuge before each and every operation is the simplest and most effective action you can take to prolong its life, performance, reliability and safety.

Why Balancing Your Laboratory Centrifuge Matters

However, these same g-forces also magnify any slight differences in the uneven distribution of weight around the rotor. Even a slight weight imbalance between samples will cause the centrifuge to vibrate, shake uncontrollably and, in extreme circumstances, even explode.

Running a high-speed centrifuge with an unevenly loaded rotor is the most common cause of centrifuges breaking down. Out of balance loading causes the moving parts to shake uncontrollably. At best, this means the motor and bearings wear out more quickly. At worst, it risks sudden and explosive failure of the motor or rotor, and serious injury to laboratory personnel.

How to Balance Your Centrifuge 

Click on the PDF below for a visual guide on how to balance your centrifuge 

How To Balance Your Centrifuge

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