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Specific antibody and vaccination diagnostics

Test Applicable to: Dog

Sample: Whole blood, plasma or serum


Antibodies are basic modules of the humoral immune response. They are passed passively via the colostrum as so-called maternal antibodies (mAb) onto the yet immunocompetent new-borns or induced actively by natural field infection or vaccination. The antibody titre varies individually in each animal, depending on multiple factors. The titre can persist over an extended period of time, partially lifelong, in efficient protection concentration (= reliable immunity by protective antibodies) or can fall below the efficient protection concentration (non-reliable immunity) in the course of time.

When to Test

Depending on the level of individual antibody titre, the veterinarian is able to decide fast and reliable the necessity of vaccination or non-vaccination due to following questions:
Vaccination during pregnancy
Individual vaccination in case of the breeding bitch. In problematic breeding, the determination of antibody status of the female makes sense during pregnancy to decide whether a booster vaccination before birth is necessary or to find the optimal primary vaccination time of the puppies.

Puppy Vaccinations

Individual vaccination in the case of puppies: Primary vaccination. There is a critical stage (so-called immunity gap) in puppies, especially in the first 12–16 weeks. During this stage the concentration of mAb could be high enough to inactivate the vaccinating virus but also too low to protect from field infection. Therefore, it is important to find the individual primary vaccination point for each puppy to guarantee an appropriate protection.

For the determination of antibody status of the whole litter, it is possible to determine the antibody status of only one puppy, representative for the other puppies (so-called “fraternal antibody titre”). Here, the balanced colostrum assumption or development of all puppies is absolutely necessary.

Booster Vaccinations

Booster vaccinations. By determination of the actual antibody status, an individual decision of the necessity of booster vaccination of the puppy or the adult animal can be made.

Antibody Titre Testing

Being fast, safe and reliable, for pet owner and breeder these important questions can be answered practically by FASTest® CDV-CPV Ab. This enables the veterinarian an appropriate and customized vaccination diagnostics and strategy, adapted to dog and pet owner.

FASTest CDV-CPV Product Information


Why Test

Why it is important to test for Antibodies?

To enable the veterinarian an appropriate and customized vaccination diagnostics and strategy, adapted to dog and pet owner.

FASTest CDV-CPV In House Test Applications

  • Determination of the status of protection
    before Core vaccination requirements
  • Response to Primary Course Vaccination
    before revaccination
    (adverse vaccination event)
  • Management of disease outbreaks
    in shelter
  • Annual health check concept


Advantages of FASTEST CDV-CPV Ab

  • Simple test procedure with whole blood, plasma or serum
  • Fast test interpretation after 10 minutes
  • Reliable clinical diagnostics
  • Storage at room temperature (15–25 °C)
  • Long shelf life
  • Compact test box with 2 or 10 tests
  • Sensitivity CPV Ab 99.9% CPV Ab 99.9%
  • Specificity CPV Ab 94.0% CPV Ab 99.8%

Instructions For Use

FASTest CDV-CPV Ab Instructions For Use

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