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Selective Culture Medium For The Direct Detection Of Motile Tritrichomonas Foetus Trophozoites

Test applicable to: Cattle
Sample: Vaginal or Preputial Discharge

InPouch TF Bovine is a selective culture medium test for the direct detection of motile Tritrichomonas foetus trophozoites in cattle. The use of InPouch TF-Bovine enables the veterinarian to detect the presence of T foetus on site in a fast, simple and reliable way. Any confirmation of this result can be done in a laboratory direct from the sent InPouch TF Bovine culture pouch or by PCR.

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Why Test?

Why is it important to test for Tritrichomonas foetus?

Tritrichomonads are motile protozoa which are usually found in wild and domesticated animals. Tritrichomonas foetus is an elongated pear-shaped protozoan which colonises the mucosa of the male/female genital tract of the cattle, can also, be found in other animals such as goats, sheep and pigs but no disease is caused.

T.foetus can cause serious economic losses and is also a notifiable disease in many countries.

Tritrichomonas foetus

T. Foetus is a sexually transmitted in cattle during natural mating.
Tritrichomonas is transmitted to the vagina and uterus of the cow from the bull’s preputial cavity or foreskin where the organism resides permanently once the bull has been infected.


What are the symptoms of Tritrichomonas foetus?

Clinical signs are varied and most bulls do not show any signs of the infection. In bulls most mild inflammations of the male urogenital tract will appear 2 weeks post infection and can be missed or overlooked. Older bulls can play a major role in passing the parasites on as asymptomatic carriers.

In cows/heifers clinical symptoms can be characterised by early foetal death or any of the following:

  • Vaginitis
  • Cervicitis
  • Endometritis
  • Salpingitis
  • Postcoital pyometra
  • Temporary Sterility



Advantages of InPouch TF- Bovine

  • Store at Room Temperature – tests instantly available to use
  • Bigger pack sizes are available
  • Long Shelf Life – typically 18 months
  • Simple and hygienic handling
  • Fast interpretation in only 15 minutes (rapid diagnostics) or 18 hours (culture diagnostics)
  • Reliable clinical diagnostics
  • Safe, fully enclosed pouch to prevent contamination and reduces exposure to collected samples
  • Compact testing that can be carried out off-site
  • Competitively priced

Instructions For Use

InPouch TF Bovine Instructions For Use

InPouch TF Bovine Instructions For Use

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