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Histology Pots, Pre-Filled

Pre-filled Histology Pots

(10% Neutral Buffered Formalin)

Vetlab's pre-filled histology pots are made from impact-resistant polypropylene, giving you the safe and convenient solution for preserving and transporting critical tissue samples.

Because tissue samples begin to deteriorate as soon as they're separated from their blood supply, it's vital that fixation and preservation of internal microscopic structures happen immediately the sample is removed, whatever its size.

Our histology pots are easy to open, seal and label even with wet, gloved hands. Vetlab's range of wide-mouthed pre-filled specimen containers maintains your tissue samples in the best possible condition; physically, chemically and biologically ready for laboratory examination.

Fixing and Preserving Samples for the Best Results

Fixing and preserving your tissue samples in pre-filled histology pots with a 10% neutral buffered formaldehyde solution is the safe and sure way to stabilise key cellular structures for subsequent processing, embedding, sectioning and staining ready for microscopic investigation.

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The accuracy and reliability of the laboratory examination depend on successful fixation and preservation. For best results, this must be accomplished as soon as possible after the sample is taken. An efficient fixative conserves the sample by stabilising proteins and other biological components, as well as protecting the sample from swelling or shrinking due to excessive gain or loss of water.

Ideally, the fixative also needs to prevent enzymes released by the lysis of damaged and dying tissue from further degrading cellular structures, and inhibit the formation of darkly coloured pigments that might obscure microscopic examination.

pH Neutral Phosphate Buffer-10%

Offering a safe and economic approach to handling the toxic nature of formalin and its limited shelf life, Vetlab's range of 20ml, 60ml, 90ml and 120ml pre-filled histology pots contains a 10% pH neutral phosphate buffer with a shelf-life of 2-3 years. Osmotically balanced to prevent cell lysis, the buffered solution reduces sample distortion and counters the build-up of coloured pigments, assuring the user of an optimal sample ready for a wide range of veterinary, laboratory and microscopy applications.

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Cat NoDescriptionPrice
0160Pre-Filled Histology Pots x 20ml x 10£5.00 (ex VAT)
0162Pre-Filled Histology Pots x 60ml x 10£6.00 (ex VAT)
0164Pre-Filled Histology Pots x 90ml x 10£7.50 (ex VAT)
0163Pre-Filled Histology Pots x 120ml x 10£8.50 (ex VAT)