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Electronic Countdown Timer-Clock

Our digital clock-timer is ideal for laboratory use, it is ideal for timing diagnostic tests. It has a magnetic back as well as a stand and is very simple to set-up and operate.

We have included a FREE AAA battery and the simple instructions for set-up are on the back of the packaging.

Hints and Tips

To clean the timer, use a soft, dry cloth or a cloth moistened in a solution of water and mild neutral detergent. Never use a thinner, benzene, alcohol, or similar agents to clean the timer.
Because the timer has a magnet on the back, it must be kept away from other items also containing a magnetic strip such as credit cards, audio, videotape, floppy disks and other items, which could be damaged by the magnetism of the timer.

Changing The Battery

When the display becomes dim or the alarm is not clear enough, please change the battery. The clock requires AAA batteries (x 1).

Additional information

Weight 7 g
Dimensions 7 × 53 × 2 cm