CataKlear™ Lipid Clearing Agent

For Clearing Lipaemic Samples

Note: CataKlear™ replaces LipoClear which has been discontinued:


Gross elevations of serum or plasma lipoproteins (lipaemia) cause turbidity in the sample which can interfere with the accuracy of the assay of some analytes which use colorimetric methods. CataKlear™ is a lipid clearing reagent.

The removal of this interfering lipaemia can be achieved by several techniques which include ultracentrifugation (the best method) and solvent extraction. However, these methods have practical disadvantages, including large sample requirements, the use of a high-speed centrifuge or the use of toxic solvents.

CataKlear™  Lipid Clearing agent has been developed to solve this problem without interfering with the accuracy of most tests.

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Disposable Medical Face Masks

Protect All Disposable Masks


Our protect all non-woven 3 ply face masks are manufactured in the UK.

The face masks come in boxes of 50 and are CE Certified. These 3 ply single-use face masks are manufactured to EN 14683 Type IIR standards and are constructed of three layers which have been tested to a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98%.

Helps to stop the spread of infections

These surgical masks help to stop the spread of saliva or respiratory secretions exhaled by the person wearing it, making them a great option to help stop the spread of viruses and potentially harmful bacteria.

Type IIR Surgical Mask with Ear Loop – Box of 50

Key Features

  • Manufactured to EN 14683 Type IIR standards
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency of 98%
  • Integrated nose clip and elasticated earloops for comfortable wear
  • Helps to stop the spread of infections

Please be aware not all face masks on the market conform to EN 14683 Type IIR standards which are tested to a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98% with fluid resistance to 120mm Hg.

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G9 Disinfectant, Cleaning & Hygiene Range

G9 Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

G9 High Level Surface Disinfectant Cleaner unique formula protects your animal environments whilst ensuring safety to staff and animals. This surface disinfectant provides the latest biocide technology to ensure unparalleled microbial efficacy in line with the latest ECHA European Veterinary Test Protocol Standards.

A Surface Disinfectant Cleaner which is extremely economical in use and dilutes at:

• 1:200 for General Use
• 1:100 for High-Risk Areas

G9 Surface Disinfectant Cleaner is tested to the latest ECHA European Veterinary Test Standards by Independent Accredited Test Laboratories against the following spores, mycobacteria, virus, fungi, yeasts and bacteria.

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G9-Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

G9 Contact Times Sheet

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Disposable Gloves

Soft Nitrile, Powder Free, Disposable Gloves

Powder Free Examination Gloves, Blue

The gloves come in boxes of 200 (100 pairs).

Product Description

  • Examination gloves
  • Blue
  • 200 Gloves per box
  • Latex Free – to reduce the risk of hyposensitivity and allergic reactions
  • AQL of 1.5
  • Ambidextrous
  • Finger Textured
  • Beaded Cuff & Finishing
  • Superior barrier protection over latex and vinyl
  • Product CE marked Class 1 Medical Device
  • In Compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Technical data sheets available
  • Long Shelf-life

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UriStain™ – for the Microscopic Examination of Urine Sediment

UriStain™ is a urine sediment stain, intended for staining centrifuged urine sediment and used for the examination of WBCs, RBCs, bacteria, yeast and casts. The stain contains various dyes that aid in differentiating the abnormal cellular elements found in urine. UriStain is a ‘one solution’ modification of the Sternheimer and Malvin procedure which compares directly to the Sedi-Stain product.

Sediment Stain – A Valuable Diagnostic Technique

Microscopic examination of urinary sediment is a rapid, easy-to-perform diagnostic procedure that can provide important information to the clinician. Aside from taking an actual tissue biopsy of the kidney, it is widely recognised that the microscopic findings of the urinary sediment are a reliable and valuable diagnostic technique which will give a clear indicator of intrinsic renal disease.

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Histology Pots & Buckets

Empty Histology Pots and Buckets

(Tough & Leak-proof)

Vetlab supply a large range of histology consumables including large histology pots which are made of tough polypropylene and are supplied with strong plastic leak-proof lids. These pots have a wide-mouth and base, which makes them ideal for containing and transporting large tissue samples for histopathology. Not only do we supply large histology pots, but we also supply small and medium volumes. In addition, we also supply veterinary ID labels with your order, free of charge.

Clear Polypropylene with Green Tops

Our histology pots are particularly useful for allowing large tumours to be completely removed; then safely fixed and transported. A complete tumour allows the pathologist to provide a more accurate diagnosis and prognosis.

Histology Pots – Volumes and Specifications

Outside measurements are taken from the base to the top of the lid

  • 20ml – Height 4.2 cm – Diameter 3.5cm
  • 40ml – Height 4 cm – Diameter 5cm
  • 60ml – Height 7.5cm – Diameter 5cm
  • 120ml – Height 8cm – Diameter 5.5cm
  • 250ml – Height 6cm – Diameter 9.5cm
  • 500ml – Height 11cm – Diameter 9cm
  • 1000ml – Height 14cm – Diameter 11cm

ALSO AVAILABLE: 5 Litre White Round Histology Bucket with Push Lid. Height 19.4cm – Diameter 23.6cm

These Specimen/Histology Buckets have a push lid, plastic handle and a tamper-evident security tab. The bucket will hold a total weight of 141.0g with a brimful capacity of 5700ml.  These buckets are ideal for collecting larger samples and can be easily stored as they are stackable. Finally, our Neutral Buffered Formalin 10% is available in 1 and 5-litre sizes.

Histology Tissue Preparation Kit – Great Value!

  • Surgical Scissors
  • Dissecting Needle
  • Medical Tweezers
  • Scalpel
Histology Tissue Preparation Kit

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StatSpin OvaTube

StatSpin OvaTube

Ova and Parasite Detection System

In-Clinic Parasite Detection Test Kit

OvaTube is the ideal in-clinic parasite detection test kit which is suitable for companion and small animals and has been developed for use in veterinary hospitals, practices and reference laboratories. In a situation where an animal has internal parasites or a particular parasite, the concentration flotation technique is recommended. Particularly the centrifugal technique, for the maximum yield of ova and oocysts.

Worm Egg Detection Method For Companion And Small Animals

The basic principle uses a flotation solution of special Specific Gravity in which the faecal sample is mixed and poured into a centrifuge tube. This can then be incubated vertically on the bench for up to 10-15 minutes. However, it is proven that if the tube is centrifuged at slow speed for a few minutes, the accuracy is greatly improved. Importantly, centrifugation forces heavy debris to the bottom of the tube; allows flotation of the ova and prevents debris from obscuring the final microscopic examination. OvaTube together with our ready-made Vetlab Flotation Solution is ideal for performing both techniques. For complete F.E.C kits please see our Parasitology page.

OvaTube – The Perfect In-Clinic Solution: fast easy and clean

The StatSpin OvaTube is the first centrifugation method that is easy and fast without any mess, with a simple coring tool to obtain a sample. Just add the sample to the tube and mix with standard flotation fluid. Centrifuge in either a fixed angle or horizontal centrifuge, remove the tube, add a coverslip, and twist. In just a few minutes results are ready to read. OvaTube can also be used without a centrifuge…read on for further information.

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Graduated Transfer Pipettes and Pipette Tips

Disposable Transfer Pipettes

Plastic disposable transfer pipettes offer a quick, cheap method of transferring or dispensing small volumes of liquids. Our standard transfer pipette has an integral plastic bulb for fast, easy filling and dispensing and a 1ml stem graduated in increments of approximately 0.25ml. In addition, we also supply a larger 3ml transfer pipettes and both sizes are supplied in boxes of 500.

Fine Tip Pipettes 

We also supply a similar 1ml, ungraduated transfer pipette with a very fine tip which is ideal for very small volumes of sample or liquids. The fine tip pipettes are supplied in boxes of 400 and all of our products are extremely competitively priced.

Pipette Tips 

These disposable pipette tips are for use with hand-held automatic, air-displacement pipettors. We supply Finntip 1-5ml white tips, 200-1000µl blue tips and 5-200µl yellow tips. These tips are principally for use with Finn Pipettors, however, they can also be used with other makes of similar pipettor. We are always happy to send samples, ensuring the tips are the correct fit before you make a purchase.

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LipoClear Tubes

LipoClear – Lipaemic Clearing Reagent


Non-Refrigerated, very long shelf-life. 

Please contact us directly on: 01798 874567  

Lipaemia, or gross elevations of serum/plasma lipoproteins, can be instantly recognised by turbidity in the sample which can cause interference in some analytical methodologies using photometric measurement principles.

Removal of lipaemia can be difficult and complicated by conventional methods. LipoClear tubes, however, offer a quick, simple and safe solution for removing lipaemia without affecting the measurement of other major analytes including enzymes.

Using LipoClear Tubes

LipoClear Tubes are 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes pre-filled with the LipoClear reagent. LipoClear is a convenient, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic liquid polymer reagent which clears lipaemic serum or plasma after mixing and centrifugation. Please see instructions for use for *plasma limitations.

Simple Procedure

The simple procedure involves pipetting 0.5ml of sample into a LipoClear Tube, mixing and leaving for 5 minutes at room temperature, and then centrifuging. Ideally, centrifuges spinning at 10,000G or more can be used and will allow separation and clearing in 2 minutes. Low-speed centrifuge, for example, 2000G will need 20 minutes for spinning LipoClear Tubes.

After centrifuging, the cleared sample must be removed for analysis. However, please note that all results must be multiplied by 1.2 to compensate for the sample dilution. This is a refrigerated product and is supplied in pack sizes of 10 or 40 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes.

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Transport Swabs

Transport Swabs – Standard & Mini-tip

Amies Swabs – Clear& Charcoal Swabs

Vetlab supplies laboratory transport swabs for sample collection, preservation and transport prior to culture for bacteria and fungi. We supply both clear amies swabs and charcoal amies swabs in either a Standard tip or Mini-tip swab size. This transport medium is useful for preserving fastidious organisms (e.g. C.E.M. organism, Campylobacter spp.) in transit to the laboratory prior to culture.  The charcoal additive is particularly useful in neutralising any toxic metabolic compounds produced by bacterial growth.

Plain Swabs – Standard & Mini-tip Swabs

(Without Transport Medium)

We also supply plain swabs without transport medium. Offering both Standard swabs (rayon tip) and Mini-tip swabs(cotton tip) with a plasticised stick and supplied in individual polypropylene tubes. The rayon/cotton tip is non-toxic to most micro-organisms and gives superior performance. In addition, we also supply plating swabs, sterilized with wooden sticks for general laboratory applications.

Finally, all of our transport swabs are available in convenient pack sizes.