The VetSpin® Duo Veterinary Centrifuge

Multi-Combination Rotor – Lifetime Guarantee!

The Vetlab VetSpin Duo has been ergonomically designed for centrifuging volumes of biological fluids of up to 2.0ml in volume and variable speeds up to 10,000rpm.

This centrifuge has important features which include a multi-combination rotor for haematocrits and microtubes. It has a brushless motor for quiet running,  variable and programmed speeds and timings, and most importantly, automatic lid lock and braking.

Ideal for Busy Practices

Our centrifuge is not only very intuitive but also simple and safe to operate. Above all, with virtually no maintenance required, the VetSpin Duo veterinary centrifuge is ideally suited for busy practices and laboratories.

The Rotor Holds – 2ml Blood Tubes, 75mm Microhaematocrit Tubes & 1.5ml Microcentrifuge Tubes

This multi-combination rotor has been specially designed to hold blood and microcentrifuge tubes up to 2.0ml in volume and 75mm microhaematocrit capillary tubes for microhaematocrit/PCV assays, therefore avoiding the need to change rotors. Above all, it has a fixed angle rotor which will prevent your samples re-mixing if a non-gel tube has been used and there has been a delay in unloading.

VetSpin Duo Veterinary Centrifuge with a multi-combination rotor

Pre-set Programs – Plasma/Serum, Haematocrits and Urine Sediments

This easy to use centrifuge has three pre-set optimised programs available for spinning serum and plasma, haematocrits and urine sediments. Simply select the ‘pre-set program’ of your choice, remember to balance the tubes, and then press the start key. Additionally, the programs can be altered for both speed and time in case a different setting is required for a special sample. Finally, there is an audible alarm which sounds when the cycle is complete and the automatic lid lock ensures the lid cannot be opened until the rotor has come to a complete stop.

The Vetlab VetSpin Duo Veterinary Centrifuge is supplied with:


Sealant Tray
Plain 75mm Glass Microhaematocrit Tubes  x 100
Heparin 75mm Glass Microhaematocrit Tubes x 100

Available To Purchase, 75mm Reader for Haematocrit Measurements

Hawksley Reader for 75mm Capillary Tubes

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VetSpin® Micro Microcentrifuge Range

The VetSpin Micro & VetSpin Micro PLUS Mini Benchtop Centrifuge


The VetSpin Micro and VetSpin Micro PLUS are mini benchtop centrifuges designed for centrifuging small volumes of biological fluids. Our VetSpin Micros are ideal for separating serum or plasma from blood cells in whole blood samples.

They perform microhaematocrit (packed cell volume) estimations on anticoagulated blood samples and prepare urine for sediment examinations. A variety of capped plastic blood tubes can be accommodated from 0.5ml to 2ml, as well as 40mm microhaematocrit capillary tubes.

Both centrifuges feature a new Rotor Clip System that make rotors simple and quick to change!

‘Clip-on, Clip-off Easy Change Rotor System!’ No Fuss And No Tools!

Easy to Use Mini Benchtop Centrifuges

Simply load and balance your blood tubes correctly, close the lid, set your timer and switch on.

VetSpin Micro with 4-Place Black Microtube Rotor

The VetSpin Micro is a small benchtop centrifuge designed for centrifuging small volumes of biological fluids for separation purposes. The centrifuge is particularly useful for separating serum or plasma from whole blood samples in blood tubes, with or without separation gel. A variety of capped blood tubes can be accommodated from 0.5ml to 2ml, as well as 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes for spinning down urine.

The VetSpin Micro is supplied with a 4-Place Black Tube Rotor, making this model a great choice for practices which do not require microhaematocrit samples. However, if your requirements should ever change, the 12-Place 40mm haematocrit rotor is available to purchase separately at any time. We are able to offer a VetSpin Micro with just a haematocrit rotor if required.

VetSpin Micro PLUS with Interchangeable 4-Place Rotor & 12-Place 40mm Haematocrit Rotor

The VetSpin Micro PLUS benchtop centrifuge is supplied with both rotors:

The 4-Place Rotor is designed for centrifuging whole blood samples for serum or plasma and also for preparing urine samples for sediment examinations.

The 12-Place Haematocrit Rotor is interchangeable with the 4-Place Rotor and is designed for processing microhaematocrit (packed cell volume) assays on whole anticoagulated blood samples which accommodates 40mm capillary tubes.

Both of the above centrifuges are supplied with:


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Hawksley Centrifuges

Hawksley 1400 Veterinary Centrifuges

Dual Speed or Single Speed

(75mm microhaematocrit and 2ml microtubes)


The Hawksley Haematospin 1400 Centrifuges are built in the UK and are made from durable and high-quality components. These centrifuges are ideal for veterinary laboratories and practices specifically designed to produce reliable and accurate results on blood and urine.

One of the main features of this centrifuge is that it takes both 2ml microtubes and 75mm microhaematocrits. The classic design of these centrifuges is used worldwide with guaranteed support for all servicing and parts

Dual Speed Vetspin 1400 Centrifuge

Recognisable for its two-speed options this centrifuge is easy to operate and reliable for routine blood and urine analysis as it is dependable, versatile and robust.

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