Veterinary Centrifuges: No Longer the Ugly Sister of Laboratory Equipment

Veterinary Centrifuges: No Longer the Ugly Sister of Laboratory Equipment

Maybe it was the challenge of perfecting what goes on inside a bench-top centrifuge that distracted veterinary equipment designers’ from attending to its outward appearance. Maybe, but not anymore.

It might have seemed difficult for designers to get excited about glamorising a piece of laboratory kit that seems to have one simple function – to spin sample tubes very, very fast. But even that’s an over simplification of what a veterinary laboratory demands from a modern centrifuge.

Quiet running with a digital touch-pad control centre

In laboratory centrifuges, power is nothing without control. In specifying the performance criteria of their new VetSpin Duo Veterinary Centrifuge, Vetlab Supplies Ltd not only sourced a smooth and reliable 10,000rpm brushless motor, they integrated its rapid acceleration and quiet running with a digital touch-pad control centre.

Clear, simple and attractive the touch-pad control panel is intuitive even for first-time and infrequent users. The inclusion of programmed, one-touch pre-sets for the most frequent spin applications makes reproducible methodology safe and certain.

With time and bench space at a premium in the busy veterinary practice, the VetSpin Duo satisfies multiple centrifuge requirements in a single machine and without needing to change the centrifuge head between the most frequent laboratory tasks. Thoughtful design has created a single rotor optimised for both micro-haematocrit capillaries and for larger plastic tubes up to 2ml, ending the need to change rotors between applications.

Built-in safety features

Attention to the safety in the veterinary laboratory, wins for VetSpin Duo the coveted CE (Conformité Européene) directive with the assurance that electrical and mechanical components are certified, and built-in safety features comply with the latest national, European and international regulations.

Before the most recent upgrades to centrifuge regulations, the lid-lock fastened when the motor was running under power, but not when power to the motor was turned off. This meant that, although the power was turned off – and the lid unlocked, the rotor was still turning at high speed.

Ensuring the lid cannot be opened while the rotor is spinning, the VetSpin Duo lid lock will not release until the auto-braked rotor has come to a complete standstill. With the auto-brake activated as soon as the power is turned off, deceleration is smooth, quick, quiet and safe.

And what about those unassuming good looks? Well, even the robust; easy to clean outer case is attractive, functional and efficient. Though as always, true beauty is much more than skin-deep.

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