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Latest Offers

VetSpin Micro® Dual Offer- Discounted Time Saving Package:

1 x VetSpin Micro with 8 Place Tube Rotor PLUS 1 x VetSpin Micro with 12 Place Microhaematocrit Rotor
ONLY £369.00

  • Saves Time Changing RotorsVetSpin Micro Website Image
  • Back Up Centrifuge Always Available
  • Prolongs the life of both centrifuges
  • Saves Money

For further product information follow this link: VetSpin Micro® Centrifuge

How to Order:

Here Online VetSpin Micro

By Telephone: 01798 874567

By Fax: 01798 874787

By Email:

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Offer is available through Vetlab Supplies Ltd only and is subject to availability.

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