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Qualitative Detection Of Luteinising Hormone

Test applicable to: Dog and Cat
Sample: Serum or Plasma
Temporarily Discontinued 

FASTest LH is a rapid immunochromatographic lateral flow test for the detection of Luteinising Hormone (LH) in the serum/plasma of dogs and cats.

Planning Whelping Date in Dogs

By determining the LH peak, the date of birth can be predicted precisely on +/- one day by addition of 65 days of average duration of a dog’s pregnancy. This will then enable the veterinarian or breeder to prepare all of the necessary precautions for an easy and uncomplicated birth.

Fertility Status 

FASTest LH is a reliable on-site screening test for both cats and dogs for differentiation between fertile/uncastrated (intact ovaries) and infertile/castrated (ovariectomy or hormonally castrated animals) as well as in the bitch for optimal determination of ovulation time, mating time, artificial inseminating time and also for determination of expected date of whelping.

FASTest LH Product Information – PDF Download

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Why is it important to test for Luteinising Hormone?

The Luteinising Hormone (LH) is normally present in marginal volumes in bitches and queens. The LH-value is increased in a dramatic way during the so-called LH-peak on the verge of ovulation. It is also present a few days after successful gonadectomy. This high LH level will be stable over a period of years and can, therefore, show if a dog or cat has been neutered. LH will test for the fertility status of the animal whether or not they have been castrated or uncastrated. It can also detect the LH peak for ovulation prediction and the timing of when the animal is ready for mating or artificial insemination.

Advantages of FASTest LH

  • Store at Room Temperature – tests instantly available for use
  • Larger test kits are available
  • Long Shelf Life –typically 18 months
  • Simple test procedure
  • Reliable clinical diagnostics
  • Results in 20 minutes
  • Competitively priced

Instructions For Use

FASTest LH Instructions For Use

Cat NoDescriptionPrice
763FASTest LH x 5 Tests (Special Order)£105.00 (ex VAT)