Universal Containers
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Universal Containers

Universal Containers for Sampling, Storage & Transportation

Our 7ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml and 250ml veterinary sample pots are made from tough polypropylene materials which are leak-proof and marked with quantity levels.

Our Veterinary sample pot range includes; 7ml Boric Acid containers for small samples, right up to our 250ml for larger samples.

Each universal container is CE marked and labelled for easy identification.  Veterinary sample pots can be used for collecting urine and faeces samples from animals for analysis as well as, body tissue and muscle along with various other samples for laboratory testing.

For large Histology Pots (empty) 20ml to 1000ml  follow this link

For Pre-filled Histology Pots follow this link

Cat NoDescriptionPrice
0135-10Plain Sterile 30ml x 10£2.30 (ex VAT)
0135-100Plain Sterile 30ml x 100£13.80 (ex VAT)
0135-400Plain Sterile 30ml x 400£50.80 (ex VAT)
0140-10Plain + Spoon 30ml x 10£2.40 (ex VAT)
0140-100Plain + Spoon 30ml x 100£18.50 (ex VAT)
0140-400Plain + Spoon 30ml x 400£63.50 (ex VAT)
0145-10Boric Acid 30ml x 10£3.00 (ex VAT)
0145-100Boric Acid 30ml x 100£23.00 (ex VAT)
0146-10Boric Acid 7ml x 10£2.00 (ex VAT)
0146-100Boric Acid 7ml x 100£16.50 (ex VAT)
0148-10Plain Sterile 60ml x 10£2.25 (ex VAT)
0148-100Plain Sterile 60ml x 100£19.40 (ex VAT)
0148-300Plain Sterile 60ml x 300£47.00 (ex VAT)
0149-10Plain Sterile 100ml x 10£4.35 (ex VAT)
0149-100Plain Sterile 100ml x 100£40.00 (ex VAT)
0149-200Plain Sterile 100ml x 200£70.00 (ex VAT)
0125-10Plain Sterile 250ml x 10£9.00 (ex VAT)