Neospora – Countryfile

Neospora – Countryfile

BBC Countryfile – Neospora

“Well… Don’t you just love Countryfile” It’s a must watch for me on a Sunday evening!

One of the February episodes I watched with great interest as the Adam’s Farm feature was titled Adam’s microscopic nightmare. What’s this I thought?

The microscopic menace quietly infecting livestock is called Neospora and is the most common cause of bovine abortion in the UK. Identified in the 1980’s and recognised as a parasite, this disease now costs the UK an estimated 20 million pounds a year.

The feature explains that there are no obvious symptoms for an infected cow, but looks can be deceiving as Adam Henson found out. In Adam’s case, 11 of his cows were infected and had to be sent for slaughter.

The Neospora parasite is passed from cows to their calves or spread by dog faeces, but it’s so tiny that you need a microscope to see it. In cattle, the characteristics of the disease are abortions in all stages of gestation, dead births and weak calves.

Source: BBC Countryfile – 16.02.1014

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