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Vetlab Refractometer

Veterinary Refractometer

The Vetlab veterinary refractometer is a lightweight, hand-held diagnostic instrument designed for fast, simple and inexpensive measurement of Serum/Plasma Protein and Urine Specific Gravity on samples from animals. This refractometer has a good quality, robust build and comfortable design, which ensures that it will give you many years of valuable, low-cost diagnostic testing.

Special Features

Importantly, this veterinary refractometer features temperature compensation calibration using a special adjustment screw to zero on distilled water at ambient temperature.

In addition, the Vetlab Refractometer has a large rubber eyepiece for comfort and focusing, a rubber hand grip end with three scales: covering the whole barrel for easy handling. It also features a high quality blue coloured prism engraved with three scales: For Serum Protein / Specific Gravity / Refractive Index and an integral sample cover lid.

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Measuring Urine Specific Gravity

Useful for detecting kidney disease and, in particular, to test the ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine in water deprivation tests. It is also useful for the diagnosis of diabetes insipidus. Finally, it is important to remember that Urine Specific Gravity in animals must always be measured by refractometer.

Measuring Serum/Plasma Protein

Useful in an emergency situation as a guide because results are only approximate as other total solids can interfere, often making the results higher than they actually are.

Nevertheless, when performed on a clear plasma layer of a centrifuged haematocrit capillary the result is very useful (especially if the animal is anaemic) in helping in the diagnosis of dehydration or chronic inflammatory disease (high plasma protein), excessive loss of protein (renal, intestinal, haemorrhage) or decreased protein synthesis. (Please remember that plasma will have a higher protein value than serum due to the fact that it contains fibrinogen and serum does not).

 Measuring Total Solid (Total Proteins) Using a Veterinary Refractometer


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McMaster Counting Slides

McMaster Worm Egg Counting Slides

Faecal Worm Egg Counts - Large Animals

McMaster counting slides are widely used for performing faecal worm egg counts (F.E.C’s). Faecal worm egg counts are performed on faeces samples mainly from large animals such as horses, sheep and cattle which normally harbour low levels of worms in their guts.

Vetlab McMaster Counting Slides (2-Cell Acrylic)

Vetlab McMaster counting slides are made entirely of tough acrylic. The counting slide consists of a base slide upon which a smaller slide is fixed on top of three supports thereby forming two chambers.

On the underneath of the top slide over each chamber, a grid is printed in blue ink measuring exactly 10mm x 10mm divided by 5 vertical lines (forming 6 columns). The top slide is positioned exactly 1.5mm above the base slide so the counting area of each chamber holds 0.15 ml in volume.

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Vetlab McMaster counting slides have some significant advantages compared to the conventional glass type

  • The counting slides are made from the strongest optical acrylic available — therefore, are more robust than glass.
  • The upper section is fused to the lower section by sonic welding rather than glue. This makes the slide more durable and as a result, avoids faecal residue being trapped between the pieces.
  • The 6 grid columns making counting faster as their width exactly match the width of field of view of the microscope at x40 and x100 magnification.
  • The upper section grids are printed in blue ink which lasts for some years with correct care. This allows the grid lines to be focused on more easily and worm eggs to be seen clearly underneath the grid lines.
  • Our Vetlab McMaster counting slides are less than one-third of the cost of a conventional glass slide, therefore making them exceptional value for money.

Marienfeld McMaster Counting Slides (2-Cell Glass)

Marienfeld counting slides are an almost identical design to our own Vetlab counting slide however, they are made of glass and the top slide and supports are glued together.

The counting area grids are etched into the glass (rather than printed) and the grid area is divided into 10 columns (rather than 6 columns). The counting volume is identical to the Vetlab counting slide.


Improved Neubauer Counting Chamber

Haemocytometer Counting Chamber

Essentially used for counting blood cells, the Haemocytometer counting chamber is required for the microscopic manual cell counting of, erythrocytes (RBC, red blood cells), leukocytes (WBC, white blood cells), thrombocytes (PLT, platelets) and also sperm counts. Our Improved Neubauer counting chambers are manufactured to the highest standard in a piece of thermal and shock-resistant glass.

Haemocytometer Description

An H-shaped moat forms either one or two counting areas, or plateaus. Each plateau features an etched grid or ruling. The ruled surface is either 0.1mm or 0.2mm below the cover glass, limiting the Volume of 1 Square mm of blood or fluid over a square mm at or respectively.

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Contact of the flat, polished cover glass surfaces with the cover glass supports produces an exact volume of fluid over the counting area.

The difference in surface tension characteristics between the metallic surface on the chamber and the polished cover glass assures smooth capillarity for precise loading and more even cell distribution.
Spare counting chambers and coverslips are available separately.

In addition, we also supply a new range of disposable glass counting chambers manufactured by Bioanalytic GmbH.

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TIC® is a single-use dilution test system for quick, easy, safe, and highly precise microscopic counting of erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes and reticulocytes in blood, and also leukocytes in synovial fluid.

  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Avian

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Fridge Freezer Thermometer

Brannan Thermometer

All veterinary products from reagents, diagnostic test kits and other refrigerated products should be kept at controlled temperatures.

This is essential to ensure that the products are kept at the manufacturer's recommended temperature.

Fridges and Freezers should be checked daily by using a thermometer.

Digital Countdown Timer

Electronic Countdown Timer

This multi-functional electronic timer displaying hours, minutes and seconds has up to 4 countdown channels.

All 4 channels can be programmed and used simultaneously with different tone alarms for each channel.

The timer also has a count up/stopwatch and clock function which is ideal for timing diagnostic tests.

Hints and Tips

To clean the timer, use a soft, dry cloth or a cloth moistened in a solution of water and mild neutral detergent. Never use a thinner, benzene, alcohol or similar agents to clean the timer with.

The timer has a magnet on the back; keep it away from other items containing a magnetic strip such as credit cards, audio, videotape, floppy disks and other items which can be damaged by magnetism.