A Microscope in Every Classroom

A Microscope in Every Classroom

Revealing The Wonder of What Lies Within

Today’s affordable and reliable microscopes, such as the Vetlab Supplies Premiere 125, could bring high-quality microscopy into every classroom and laboratory. The truth is, without access to such an easy to use high magnification microscope, tomorrow’s budding scientists are missing out on the wonder of the world that lies within.

Just as the telescope provides a simple and practical means of revealing ever more about distant objects beyond our world, so the microscope opens to the curious mind so much more of the things that lie within. It’s because the young enquiring mind has so much to gain from an early introduction to the wonders of the microscopic world that Vetlab Supplies has made it’s popular and affordable Premiere 125 Microscope readily available to schools and colleges.

The opportunity to examine the world of things too small

The opportunity to examine the world of things too small to see is a necessary introduction to scientific education and study. A droplet of pond water, a simple preparation of a plant leaf or a part of an insect is certain to spark wonder and fascination in even the most casually interested young mind. And for some, this will be the start of a lifelong fascination with microscopes and microscopy.

Discovery and the drive to discover is at the heart of all budding and professional scientists even after many years of involvement in microscopic investigation. Just one microscope in a classroom allows a large number of future professionals to make that first discovery for themselves; discoveries that will change their young lives and, in time, possibly the world.

Bright and even illumination from the built-in halogen lamp

The Premiere 125 brings into the classroom an easy to open window on the microscopic world. The angled head with its binocular eyepieces are comfortably positioned and adjustable for even the smallest user. Each individual eyepiece can be set for strength avoiding tiredness and strain. Small and inexperienced hands will find the focus and mechanical stage dials easy to turn; making that fascinating sample easy to find and view in the bright, even illumination from the built-in halogen lamp and its optical condenser.

Trying to explain, and excite young minds, about the world within our world, but without a microscope, is a bit like trying to talk about the stars without the aid of a telescope; much remains hidden and unknown diminishing the limitless excitement and fascination that the universe offers. Vetlab’s affordable 125 complete microscopy kit is already a firm favourite with schools and colleges. In your classroom, this simple and reliable microscope will open.

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