Sure and Simple Colour Test Helps Vets Guard Dogs and Cats from Giardia.

Sure and Simple Colour Test Helps Vets Guard Dogs and Cats from Giardia.

FASTest Giardia Strip

Because FASTest Giardia Strip needs no refrigeration and no veterinary laboratory facilities, you can test for Giardia duodenalis in dogs and cats quickly, reliably and anywhere your vet practice needs you to go.

Diarrhoea, loss of appetite and weakening growth are among the most common symptoms found in ailing dogs and cats. Faced with a distraught owner and their much-loved pet, as their trusted vet, you can find yourself under considerable pressure to come up with the correct diagnosis right away. Determining if the suffering animal has a relatively minor infection, or something more serious and contagious, can be of critical importance – especially when there might be health implications for the animal’s human owners and their families.

Contaminated food and water

One of the most common diseases with a high risk of infecting other animals and occasionally humans is the intestinal parasite Giardia duodenalis. Most common in pups and kittens between six and twelve weeks old, the microscopic parasite finds its way into new hosts through food and water contaminated by faeces from infected animals. As with most treatable animal diseases, prevention is better than cure. Pets kept in a clean, faeces free environment, and prevented from drinking muddy water that other animals have contaminated, are much less likely to suffer from symptoms of Giardiasis.

Confirmation of Giardiasis is sure and simple with Vetlab’s exclusive Megacor FASTest Giardia Strip. Because it’s entirely self-contained, needs no refrigeration, incubation or laboratory equipment, the test can be carried out at your practice or on your client’s premises. After adding a small sample of dog or cat faeces to the test reagent, a drop of the mixture is spotted onto the test strip. After just five minutes, an obvious blue line appears to prove the test is working properly. If a solid red line also appears, then the test is positive for the infective ‘oocysts’ (parasite eggs) that hatch out into the ‘trophozoites’ (feeding organisms) which will cause the symptoms of Giardia.

Giardia Strip – simple, clear and easy to use

The simplicity of the test, clarity of the positive result and the robustness of the kit itself makes the Giardia Strip one of the most popular and widely used of Vetlab’s exclusive Megacor Diagnostics range. Used extensively in both veterinary practices and commercial veterinary laboratories, the test finds its niche in facilities needing a quick, reliable and cost-effective test, and in which pet owners and practitioners can have complete confidence.