Testing times for ticks – The UK Big Tick Project

Testing times for ticks – The UK Big Tick Project

Understanding Tick-Borne Diseases

At last, a national campaign to advance the understanding of tick-borne disease! As a national veterinary diagnostic supplier with over 40 different diagnostic test kits available, we do of course have many specialist kits that some vets may not be aware of. Delighted to hear the news that “The Big Tick Project” is now underway in the UK, Vetlab Supplies welcome these important national campaigns which highlight, educate, and build awareness of the less common diseases.

Lyme disease – threatens animals and humans

The Big Tick Campaign is primarily to educate dog owners about the risks associated with ticks and to encourage them to seek advice from their vet. Research is suggesting that ticks are becoming active much earlier in the year which means they will feed for a much longer period of time. This longer feeding period will inevitably increase the risk of their potential to transmit pathogens which include Borrelia burgdorferi. This particular bacterium is responsible for causing Lyme disease.

Early detection is crucial for successful treatment

Most responsible dog owners regularly check for ticks and remove them correctly, but may have no idea of the potential consequences even after removal. The dog may have been infected. Symptoms include: exhaustion, swollen lymph glands, fever, arthritis, lameness, and neurological disorders; so early detection of the disease being present is vital to enable successful treatment.

A unique Veterinary in-house diagnostic test kit

Previously, detection of Borrelia antigens in the tick could only be done by running a laborious, time consuming and expensive PCR in a specialised laboratory until now.

Early diagnostics of the sucking tick is important; now with FASTest BOR in Tick, it is possible to detect potential Borrelia antigens in ticks quickly, simply and reliably. The FASTest BOR in Tick diagnostic test kit is non-refrigerated and has a long shelf-life of typically 24 months. Additional benefits include getting in-house results in under 20 minutes and saving valuable time and money.

Future prevention of tick-related diseases

Data will be collected from all types of practices, in an effort to help both vets and human professionals make more effective recommendations to help prevent tick-related disease. This type of essential research definitely ticks all the boxes!

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