Vetlab Premiere 125 – The Simple Serious Microscope for Schools and Colleges

Vetlab Premiere 125 – The Simple Serious Microscope for Schools and Colleges

When it comes to inspiring and educating the next generation of scientists, the ready availability of reliable, robust and simple to use instruments is essential. The Vetlab Premiere 125 microscope for schools and colleges will help you release in your pupils’ and students’ a passion for discovery that will last a lifetime.

Technology Needs To Be Readily Available

For young scientists, an early encounter with the fascination of discovery is essential. Sparking that lifelong interest in science and scientific study requires access to modern laboratory technology. But with today’s pressure on teaching time and classroom budgets, that technology needs to be readily available, simple to use, long lasting and affordable.

The Vetlab Premiere 125 microscope is created for cash-strapped and – equally importantly today, time-limited schools and colleges. The instrument’s easy to use features and robust construction means that even those who’ve never encountered a modern microscope can be promised a fascinating and encouraging experience without time-consuming instruction and direction.

The 125 is a serious scientific instrument. Where many microscopes sold for education bear only superficial resemblance to industry standard microscopes, Vetlab microscopes are professional instruments used every day in real-world scientific and diagnostic applications. Skills learned on a Premiere instrument are readily transferable to identical microscopes in hospital, veterinary and commercial labs.

A Fascinating Window Into The Microscopic World

Vetlab’s 125 is capable of extremely high magnification even without oil immersion. This is good news as immersion oil is difficult and time-consuming to manage with inexperienced users and can irreversibly damage lenses. With its included set of 16x eyepieces, and 40x dry objective, the 125 provides up to 640x dry magnification and a fascinating window into the microscopic world.

Bright And Even Illumination

Applying the 125’s high power magnification is made simple and straightforward through precise focusing dials. The individual eyepiece adjustment for strength and comfort makes this microscope adaptable to all uses and users without causing tiredness and eye-strain. Bright and even illumination, provided the powerful halogen lamp, can be dimmed and focused while the smooth movement of the double-layer mechanical stage allows accurate positioning of the sample under examination.

Equipped with Vetlab 125 microscopes for school or college laboratory, pupils and students at any stage of their scientific education will be using a professional quality instrument capable of revealing all the fascination the microscopic world has to offer and stimulating a curiosity and passion for discovery that will last a lifetime.