Vetlab – Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kits – FeLV-FIV testing for Cats

Vetlab – Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kits – FeLV-FIV testing for Cats

Our cats quickly become a much-loved and valued member of our families – but many cat owners, unfortunately, encounter health difficulties for their pets that can often be easily detected by utilising the diagnostic tests available from their vets.

Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are debilitating and often serious, lethal conditions which sadly are more common than many cat owners might think. FeLV affects the immune system and over months and years makes it very difficult for the cat to ward off common infections and viruses. FIV can result in chronic skin infections, gastrointestinal upset and persistent diarrhoea, urinary system problems, respiratory tract infections and neurologic disorders amongst others.

Testing times for Charities

FeLV-FIV is the most infectious cat disease in the world. Charities have the biggest problem with this disease, as many of the cats that come in to be rescued or rehomed are strays and are high-risk carriers of both diseases. Testing for FeLV-FIV is very important, as any responsible owner should not allow infected cats to mix with other cats.

The most concerning thing about these conditions is that even the most loving, scrupulous pet owner may not know their cat is infected. There can sometimes be no clinical signs for years until the cat gets really sick. Most charities do test cats before they are rehomed, and vets should encourage their cat clients to have their cats tested regularly. Many owners may not even be aware of these diseases – so it’s important to spread the word and take precautions accordingly.

Charitable discounts from Vetlab

In light of the seriousness of both of these diseases, Vetlab veterinary supplies give 50% discount to all charities and veterinary practices working for charities. Owing to the seriousness of these diseases, we also offer a free backup service to confirm results if there is a query on any result, as we have our own laboratory for re-testing and 30 years of experience in testing for FeLV-FIV. Vetlab Supplies are the only company that will also send inconclusive samples and results to Glasgow University Veterinary School for further investigation using ‘gold standard methods’ and pay the cost for the client! It’s all about customer service, supporting our MegaCor products and getting the right result.

Vetlab products have a long shelf life and are non-refrigerated, enabling them to be used when needed, without having to be ordered in small amounts, lowering the cost overall. We are passionate about preventing and curbing these deadly infectious diseases and feel supporting charities by offering this unprecedented backup service will help the good work they do, ensuring they have the right result, and can take action where needed.

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