What is Bovine Coronavirus (BCV)?

What is Bovine Coronavirus (BCV)?

Bovine Coronavirus, BCV, is an enveloped RNA virus that is one of the main causes of calf enteritis, Winter Dysentery in all ages of cattle, and is part of the Enzootic Pneumonia Complex affecting calves. Calf Enteritis and Winter Dysentery symptoms include watery diarrhoea progressing to bloody diarrhoea, anorexia, severe dehydration and death. Enzootic Pneumonia Complex symptoms are primarily respiratory: ocular and nasal discharge, fever progressing to pneumonia and death when combined with secondary bacterial infections and other viruses. Treatment of Bovine Coronavirus, like any viral infection, is symptomatic.

FASTest BVC diagnostic test kit is invaluable

Knowing that you are dealing with Bovine Coronavirus is mandatory in the field making the diagnostic test kit invaluable. Early detection allows for early treatment to begin lowering overall morbidity and mortality. Like many other enveloped RNA viruses, Bovine Coronavirus is fairly easy to kill with many common disinfectants. Testing for it and knowing that it is the causative agent, or one of many, can greatly help with controlling the spread of disease. Even testing healthy animals is a good idea if the farm is having a problem with disease. Seemingly healthy animals that are shedding the virus do not necessarily need treatment but they should be isolated from others, thus decreasing the transmission of disease and further lowering morbidity and mortality.

Results in less than 5 minutes

The FASTest BCV diagnostic test does not need to be refrigerated which makes it extremely easy just to toss in the truck and take to the farm. Not only do you not need to wait for it to reach room temperature, the test itself is fast, less than 5 minutes, making the entire test process lightning fast. So if “time is money”, this BCV diagnostic test kit will save you and your clients both. The accuracy of the FASTest BCV diagnostic test is unbeatable with a Sensitivity of 96.7% and a Specificity of 99.9%.

Since Bovine Coronavirus rarely acts alone, Vetlab Supplies also carries individual veterinary diagnostic tests for Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and Rotavirus. A combination test kit is also available through Vetlab Supplies that tests for Coronavirus, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and Rotavirus in one test, known as the FASTest D4T Bovine Strip.

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