Diarrhoea in New Born Calves Has Many Causes, But Which Do You Treat?

Diarrhoea in New Born Calves Has Many Causes, But Which Do You Treat?

Potentially fatal diarrhoea in newborn calves is easy to spot. But to treat it effectively, you need to know the cause and you need to know it right away. MegaCor FASTest® E.coli-k99 Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kits exclusively from Vetlab Supplies give you simple to use, reliable field tests for that critical early diagnosis.

The first 7-14 days of life are critical 

Newborn calves are a vital economic resource for many UK livestock farms. Farmers and livestock managers depend on their veterinary professionals to get their calves through that critical first 7 to 14 days of life, when the young animals are at their most vulnerable to infection. Because many infections might cause the same debilitating symptom – such as diarrhoea, vets need accurate diagnostic kits to quickly differentiate between the many possible causative agents.

Untreated diarrhoea in newborn calves quickly leads to severe fluid loss and death from dehydration. Especially in remote situations, vets rarely have the time to return to their veterinary laboratories to carry out diagnostics tests to identify the causative pathological agent. Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Cryptosporidium, Salmonella, Giardia and enterotoxic strains of E.coli are all among the usual suspects that need to be quickly eliminated – or, when present, positively identified so effective treatment can begin.

Veterinary diagnostics are all about the assurance of accuracy

Non-pathogenic strains of E.coli are naturally and beneficially present in the digestive tracts of most animals including cows and calves. To detect and identify the toxic strains that cause life-threatening diarrhoea vets need a Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kit that’s reliable, quick, portable and simple to use out in the field without any specialist lab equipment.

Reliable 5 minute test

Vetlab’s FASTest® E.Coli-K99 Strip is the 5-minute test that gives a clear-cut colour-change reaction when pathogenic E.Coli K99 is present in a sample of calf faeces. Simply shaking a tiny sample of faeces in a tube, then dipping the FASTest® strip into the mixture is all that’s necessary. Watching the solution rise up the porous strip to the test line will indicate either a clear-cut positive result – shown by a strong pink/purple colour band, or a negative if no colour shows. There’s even a built-in ‘control test’ to assure you and your client farmer that the test is working accurately.

In the end, veterinary diagnostics are all about the assurance of accuracy. MEGACOR’s complete range of Veterinary Diagnostic Test Kits from Vetlab Supplies give veterinary professionals and livestock farmers that assurance in every test and for every valuable animal.